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By the way...

For some strange reason I am having blog troubles. I don't know why I am suddenly faced with bloggy trials. I have never, ever had problems with blogger before.

*pfft!* I am a liar.

I am so stinking frustrated with this blogger business.

For weeks now I have been having missing sidebar issues. So, I tried all sorts of changes, hoping that some, one thing, might make a difference. Well no such luck!

My sidebar is now a footnote.

When I go to the "Customize" page all of my cute little sidebar item rest peacefully, as they should, on the side of my blog. BUT. When I return to my blog all of those items are at the bottom of the page. What gives?? Anybody technical out there? Blogger Help is no help at all.

In the meantime; know that I didn't delete you, my precious Diva's, from my life, you have just fallen and can't get up. :)


  1. Hi! Saw your comment at my blog and figured I'd stop on by. Sorry to hear about your ailing sidebar, but I'm the last person in the world who can help you.

    Are you interested in the book drawing? Sounds like you would be...

    If you make the e-mail address on your blogger profile page public, then I (and other Blogger bloggers) can reply directly to your comments.

  2. Consider Typepad. I'm moving soon.

  3. it looks like you got it worked out!


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