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Expose me?

This should be the big finish post! The post in which I rave about how fabulous it feels to be fully Exposed. The ever illustrious post wherein, I post glamorous photo's of my house, sans crap. Well...

I suck!

So, the Big City Wide Yard Sale just happened to interfere with a previously (like say, 8 months ago) scheduled dentist appointment. Not only am I a clutter bug, I am unorganized. If I was organized I would have had the forethought to reschedule said dentist appointment. But since I am not organized or famous for well, forethought, the Yard Sale O' Ramma was laid by the wayside (my Farm Suite friend still got ride of her junk, what a punk lucky girl) in order to achieve better oral health. Alas, my inability to sell my crap this last weekend has not daunted me greatly...there will be another Big City Wide Yard Sale on Aug. 9. This just means that all of the piles will remain stacked around my abode for THREE more weeks. *sigh*

OK back to the dentist...

Fern, (You might remember this incident, from a few months back.) was the lucky recipient of a checkup at the unholy hour of 7am, some 70 miles away in town. This meant rising from my un-sleep at oh say... the butt-crack-of-dawn. (Read: If you have not experienced rising at the butt-crack-of-dawn, I suggest you give it a try at least once. It is quite liberating. And dark.)
'Who has a dentist appointment at 7am on a Saturday?' you ask. Umm, I do OK! It's the only way to get an appointment that I don't have to cart all twelve kids to the dang dentist office.


Fern and I went off to town. Fern was a little nervous, but the hygienist was quite sweet. All is well with the child's mouth EXCEPT that she is going to have to have some of her baby teeth pulled. Talk about awful. My poor daughter has been through the ringer with her teeth. But that is a much longer story than I can share right now. Just know that Fern has had a zillion dentist appointments already and she is only 9.

I think I was posting about yard sales...what happened?? What day is it?? Have I had coffee??

Umm, so.

No yard sale for a few more weeks. Tooth drama. No coffee. Happy Monday!


  1. Bummer! Sorry to hear about the dentist issues. My daughter's expensive mouth started when she was three. My mouth is super expensive too. I keep trying to convince my kids that being a dentist is the way to go. Or a mechanic for Suburbans. Either one drains my bank account.

  2. Oh I hear ya Toni! I have been pushing the doctor issue with my oldest son...er, encouraging him to be one, so as to save me some money.

    Our 'burb is old enough that my hubby can work on ALMOST everything himself.....wish that were the case with the teeth.

  3. Oh, the Suburban! Mine had me stranded at the rodeo grounds yesterday. Had to be rescued by a cowboy. Sigh.

    Now it has us hunkered down at home today.

    Sorry about the teeth. It was good of you and your gorgeous smiles to stop at the sale.


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