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Ah, yes. The word vent.

To me, not a choice word to open up the flood gates of emotion but a strange opening for which to vet the odors from the 'Loo.

In all my growing up years our homes bathrooms were without a vent. I was never worried about steam vapor fogging up the mirrors or other vapors polluting the air because there was noting to be done about such things. We were a vent-less family. I was unaware that such a thing even existed. Really.

My first meeting with the vent was when I went to meet my fiance's family for the first time.
It just happened to be Thanksgiving weekend and all the family was gathered to celebrate. As was fitting, I was schooled in vent etiquette. I was shown the inner most workings of the vent. I was shown the switch and told to use it, lest all the world should suffer.

Being a very shy and unassuming girl, I made my way into the facilities of my soon to be in-laws home.

Having not actually had the opportunity to flip the switch, I was shocked and slightly amazed at the sound that began to rumble from the small box embedded in the ceiling. At first it began a slow warm up, just a soft rumbley jangle. I had business to attend to so, I thought nothing of it and sat down. At which point the vent began its joyful chorus.

...WHACK...whack...rattle....RAttLE ...bang

Mortification. Sheer and utter, mortification. And, it gets better...

Upon finishing my, ahem, business, I quickly made my way out of the bathroom only to run smack dab into every male member of my fiance's family. They had heard the ruckus and come to 'check it out'. They were all planted in front of the door, WITH SNACKS!!! like I was the Sunday matinee. Each one congratulating me on a great performance and giving me a pat on the back.

I stammered, red faced, that the noises weren't ME! 'Right, right! Sure.' They all agreed.

'It was the vent. I tell you!' I threw back at the mob. 'The VENT!'

To this very day, I have never lived in a house with a bathroom vent.


  1. You have been working seriously hard around here. The page looks AWESOME. (Did you have to pay someone to do this?)

    Also, funny first in-law story. You crack me up.

  2. That is so funny - my in-laws also had a very noisy vent - and I, too, grew up 'ventless'. At one point they even taped the switch down so you couldn't turn on the vent - haha.

  3. I will never look at a bathroom vent the same again....
    Too bad it didn't catch on fire. If that had been me, I would have used my trusty Bic and SET it on fire, then calmly walked out to face the men.
    By the way, I'm with Miriam- the blog looks awesome!

  4. Awesome story! Your in-laws sound like a fun bunch!

    And if that is an actual photo of your bathtub, I am SOOOOOOO JEALOUS!

  5. Thanks girls, I love the new look too but I think it has too many problems to keep around for long.

    I am going to try my hand at making my own background. We'll see how that goes.

    Starshine, I only wish it were a shot of my own bathroom.

  6. Funnyyyyyyy!! I am picturing the snacks... no, it's too much!!

    Our vent does that too... or it did, until Mr Nice Guy sprayed some super cool spray up in there, now it hums like it was new!

  7. Cool bathroom picture, even without a vent. :)


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