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Sicky yucky...

There has been a bad outbreak of Incessantwhineyitis at my house. It might also be Bronchiobadattituza. But I am not sure which. I have been working on a treatment plan for this outbreak but to no avail. Alas, alack, I am at a loss.

I fear I might actually have the ever dreaded (dah, dat, dah...)


I feel like I have been run over by the lawn tractor. (IE: not as bad as if I had been hit by a Mac Truck you see, but bad non the less) I don't feel bad enough that I have lost my ability to compose sentences out of catchy cliche's, obviously. O' yes. I am that good. My extreme case of Crackedintheheaditis does not affect my ability to write.

I feel crummy either way you slice it, the proverbial it of course. What is IT exactly? Anybody have a clue?

(Read: This is just plain comment begging. Asking you questions, that is. There is no reason for any of this blather. Leave me a comment anyway will ya? Just one. It (it being the comment, you know the fabulously long and ever thought provoking one that you are going to leave for me to peruse) won't hurt ya any, I promise)

Seriously though, I put a dose of Whiskey NyQuil in my coffee this morning and it really seemed to do the trick, but commenting would really make me feel so much better.
I am soooo not below groveling at the feet of the masses. Well....maybe I take that back. Who knows where your feet have been. I already have some sorta Germitusmagnus I don't need any more.

Maybe I should resort to camera begging, like Farm Suite does. That might raise my spirits. The idea that somehow, someway, I might, just might, maybe be the lucky recipient of a free camera from heaven. Maybe? Hmmm......What to do, what to do.

Well folks, there you have it. My prognosis is grim. Death will surely overcome me. My lack of Commentireadusitis has brought me to the depths of despair. Doesn't anyone have a cure?


  1. Trying to comment, but Blogger keeps telling me I'm performing a duplicate process. I had a wonderful, lengthy, helpful, good-feeling comment, and it was eaten by the internet glitches. I hate those glitches.

  2. My creative friend. I just lump it all in the category I like to label "Crap".


    Feel better... Lift those spirits! (and NOT in the way i suggested via: email.)

  3. Thanks girlfriends!

    Toni~I hate blogger! I am so glad that you worked so hard to leave me a comment!

    M~Crap it is! I am going to check my email.

  4. i suggest more whiskey - i mean nyquil. i have to say the sangria i drank with lunch sure made me feel better :) hope you feel better soon!

  5. I suggest ice cream... it always does the trick for me! That, and taking a vacation, although a vacation didn't affect my crappyattitudeosis today... sheeeeesh! Love you girlie! Feel better soon!!!

  6. lol I hope you feel better soon! I tend to think marshmellow roasting helps some days.. with coffee.. not together... hmm well haven't tried it together lol

  7. Mmm... marshmallows and coffee around the campfire. Too bad it's high fire season.

    Look at you, girlfriend, with the oodles o' comments.

    You rock as usual.

  8. allergies?

    try pink grapefruit flavor airborne. it tastes good and usually makes me feel better

  9. Marshmallows, coffee and grapefruit Airborn....wow that mix is enough to scare the yucky right outta a girl!

    Thanks for commenting girls!


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