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O.K. so......

thing is, blogger and I.............we're at war.

I was having a horrible time just getting my post up yesterday. Then when I hit PUBLISH POST, stupid, rotten blogger SCHEDULED it! Eight PM instead of the 8am that it currently was. ARRG! I didn't want to wait a whole day for comments! Doesn't blogger KNOW that I live for comments?!

Wanna hear the really crappy part??

Of course you do..........well, when I tried to edit my post and fix the dad-blamit SCHEDULE business...............the freaking post was GONE!!! Gone, all gone! (Can't you just hear those words echoing in that Buzz Lightyear tone?) It sat mocking, in the SCHEDULED cache, completely whole and unharmed. Yet compleltly UN-edit-able. (is that a crazy word or what??)

So I waited for the blasted blogger to SCHEDULE the fabulous post.

Now, I have two commenter's that want PICTURES!!! Pictures, eh? Well I won't even start to mention all of the error messages I got when trying to upload pictures.

Needless to say, blogger and I are gonna have WORDS!!!

But not today............I am going to try to upload some pictures first :<)


  1. I totally understand your frustration! My husband moved me away from blogger to something I don't know how to use. Now he has to help me with updating the sidebars and such. We need to work on that! :)

  2. Um. This isn't an elaborate smokescreen to cover the fact that you basically played at the lake all day yesterday. Right?


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