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This is the blog in which I complain about Blogger.

OK. I know what you are thinking.

"Here we go......."

Well since I am not a mean person, you will not need to shoo the kids from the room or anything like that.

I was typing away for the last 50 minutes. Typing up a master piece. A masterpiece to end all masterpieces! I was trying to copy and paste some great stuff into my blog, you know, to help you all visualize the masterpiece-ness of the thing. I was conjuring up a blog to the masses (yes I consider all four of you my masses) A blog that would produce the biggest belly laugh imagined.

I was hoping along~clickety, clackety~fingers flyin'. Chortling and chuckling. Snort. Guffaw. Thinking how cool and witty I am. When IT happened.

I was erasing not typing. I was seriously erasing every blessed magnificent word. I continued to type for just a few more phrases just to be sure I wasn't just in need of coffee.

Perhaps my contacts had dried out. blink-blink-BLINK!

Maybe a glitch on the screen? *practially smashing face to screen to get a closer look*

As I stared in disbelief. I notice the autosave engage.


It was like some okie slow motion movie. I couldn't believe what was happening to me.

Then my blood started to boil. I felt the heat rise to my face. In the same okie slow motion movie voice I shout:


This yelling raises my peacefully sleeping children, from their beds.


Well as any good blogging mommy knows: once the kids are up there is no hope for blogging. So here I am......

Kids are up begging for T.V. and food (in that order) and I am deflated and totally depressed about my lost masterpiece to beat all masterpieces.

Thanks a lot blogger! (you know I said that like blogger was a cuss word)


  1. Now you are truly initiated. Once you start the love-hate, the unadulterated love is proven. Or something like that.

  2. oi... Been there. I was so ticked. Twice it happened and i KNOW that both of those posts were somehow related to inner most brilliant point in my brain...

  3. Boy have I learned the hard way. Nothing goes on Blogger unless it has been created and saved somewhere else first.

    I feel your pain!


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