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OH the AGONY!!

Well. You see, I mindlessly agreed to Expose Myself with my cool new friend Jade. Now I am re-thinking that plan.......

I have no idea what I was thinking. Really......Jade, I. am. sorry. I just don't think I can do IT!

Jade had this cool idea in which she cleans up her house and challenges slobby sisters like mah-self others, to Expose their mess as well. BUT. She wants PICTURES!! A la' Shaggy: Like. YOWZA, Scoob! Nothing like creepy cartoons to illustrate my point, eh? Well there is no mystery to solve here kids, I am a plain ole' pile maker. Stuff keeper. AND Zoinkies........... Pack Rat. And besides, Jade your house is cute. My house is not so cute. It's just cluttery and messy.

No-one wants to see that.

After seriously looking at my mess I am not so sure I want to scare off the few readers I have. Honestly it has nothing to do with the mess itself, really, it's all about you guys. I don't want to cause you to have nightmares or even worse, never come back to my blog again, for fear of going blind at the sights I have posted.

I tried the whole clean-up-my-space-thing when my soul sister Chickie Momma challenged me to scour out the kitchen and well, I dang near killed myself . I got half way done and I just plain gave up....ya know, everyone else was sitting back enjoying their clean kitchens and I wasn't even done yet. BECAUSE my kitchen is massive (insert a great big childish raspberry here). We call it the 10+butt kitchen 'cuz it holds lots of big ole' butts cooks. Hence, it also hold lots of crap. No joke!

Honestly, somebody throw me a Scooby Snack, I'm dyin' over here!

So... here I sit amidst my Heap O' Crap (this is my family's term of endearment for my junk) surrounding my desk, which holds the computer, that sits in the room the Inspector built. My bedroom. This is by far the worst room in the house. I know. I know. This is the last place for all the junk to end up. I have heard the MANY stories of how this of all rooms is supposed to be my little haven. A place of solace and ummm, well other stuff. We don't need to go there. BUT,
I was making a point.


My room is not a nice place to hang out. It totally sucks. Everything gets dumped in my room. I don't like it. But I don't dis-like it enough to share it with all of the blogOsphere.

This week my sis-in-law came for a visit. She lives 500 miles away so we don't see her often, so I wanted to clean things up a bit for her. I spent days vacuuming out the cracks, dusting ugh I never dust so this took like 3 days to complete, I put up some new photos...ya know, tried to make the place cute. What I didn't do was clean my room. I thought why bother, she won't need to go into my room for anything, pfft! It's my room, there is absolutely no reason for her to see what a pig pen I sleep in.

Nope. No reason. AT. All. No reason. WHAT-SO-EVER!

Save one.

She asked to use the Internet.

A-Wha? You need to use the computer. The computer? Really? The one that is in my room. Sitting on the desk. Surrounded by the shoes. And the laundry. Books and papers. AND piles-n-piles of stuff and more stuff. Gasp! (I actually used swear words, but this is a family friendly blog.) My sis-in-law is. Sooo. Not. A. S.H.E. and she reads my blog. :) HI sis!

So what have I to be ashamed of? I just laid out all the gore right here, in black and white.......Pictures will only make it better right??!!

What is a clutter bug to do?!


  1. Oh KL, in ways I don't even want to- I feel your pain!

    Isn't Jade the best? I love her...

  2. I so get it. Every single flat surface (and under it, and beside it, and behind it) has junk piled high. I will spend hours cleaning off one surface, just to have everyone come home and fill it up again. IT ISN'T EVEN MY STUFF!!!

    I tried "FlyLady" (flylady.org) for a while, but she drove me bonkers because my children just wouldn't participate, and she is a hard taskmaster.

    So now I just wait until they all move out and take their piles with them. Unfortunately, my dear Nacho is the biggest pile maker of them all!!!

  3. TONI!!! So glad to know you are still tickin' along! I have missed you, dearly.

    I hear ya, my Inspector is the worst.

    It will be way too long for us to wait for the kids to move out.....maybe we could get them a tent or something just for their JUNK~hehe.

    Thanks for stopping by, I have really missed ya!

  4. Oh, KL, your heap o' crap is nuttin'. I can't wait to see how awesome it looks after the tackle.

    And... TONI! I am so glad to know you're still in bloggerland. Hope everything is alright with you.

  5. Tag your it. I'm taggin you to 8 Things- stop by the Potting Shed for details... hope you can participate!

  6. Oh honey... you need me. You can't quit! I won't take no for an answer. Come on... get on it! :) Better now that never!


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