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Look 'ma no more BOMB-B-Que. I love the "Bomb-B.Q", as long as it's not blockin' my shelf of junk. Still junkie, but I just had so many comments on the Q'er that I thought I would share my "in progress" photo. :)

It is amazing how a sparkly kitchen can put a smile on a girls face.
(No I am not putting up a picture of me smiling.)

And just look at how the stove shimmers in the light. LOL! I think I am suffering from soap fumes. Is Lemon Scent toxic after long periods of exposure?


  1. LOVE your kitchen. SUNNY! Also, love your glass jars... Put them under lock and key so I don't steal one...

  2. KUDOS to you! It looks amazing. I see I'm not the only one that likes the glass jars :)

  3. Misty, you could steal about a dozen glass canisters. If you ask KL what she collects, and IF she answers honestly, she'll say "containers." I swear she wouldn't miss them. Maybe I'll smuggle them out and split them with you!

    ps Good Job KL

  4. It looks beautiful! Good job. I'm wondering if you and all your chickie friends will come to my house and do my kitchen? It is definitely a 10+ butt kitchen, but only if everyone circles around my gigantic island, which, at the moment, is vying for placement in the Guiness Book of World Records for how much crap can be piled on it, and how high the pile can get. I think my kids could actually eventually empty every cupboard in my house on top of my island and never once put anything back away.

  5. P. S. I had to do the stupid word verification several times, so now you know how much I wanted to tell you what a great job you did!

  6. Thank YOU Toni! You are truely the cool one!

  7. AS for all you other yeah-who's *tisk, tisk* plotting against me behind my back?!

    Well we shall see about this.......

  8. KL, I Reeeeally need a jar, I mean um... CANISTER to store my bugs in. Can I pick the one I like best?? By the way, I'm so happy to have a friend who doesn't store booze on her counters. *Stifled laughter*

  9. KL keeps her booze in the bedside table, right where Toni told her to hide the junk food. That is, when she's not making booze in the bathtub.

  10. ALRIGHT! How is it that no one seemed to notice the bottle of white wine next to the stove?

    Now! I do make gin in the bathtub but only on special occasions, and I had to stop keeping the junk food(Jose' Cuervo) in the nightstand cuz the kids (hubby) kept getting into it.

    As for the "containers": I have them all listed in a card cataglog so that my creepy friends can't take one without my noticing!


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