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Photography 101.......Sorta

Well I know nothing about taking pictures, other than you need light and not too much of it and you need a fairly still subject. Easy-Shmeasy right?!

RIGHT! Come on work with me here! Tell me that I am fabulous and talented and going to make millions with my unbelievable photographic skills.........

or not!

How about just giving me a pat on the back for my good LUCK with photography.

So, I got loads, alot some flack for not posting photo's to go along with my Photo Journaling post. And after ranting about the blogger business and promising to post some of the said photo's, I thought that I would just fling some nice one's out here for you to gape in awe at peruse.

I spent yesterday afternoon at the lake with my family. I thought that this shot of the leaf on the rocks was really cool.

This is one of the roses in my Rose Garden. The Rose Garden has mostly wild roses in it right now but this solitary massive yellow rose was my muse last night. I love the persective.

Dorky, I know but, what is summer without Flip-Flops and those cute little daisy weeds that seem to take over the lawn?

I have NO IDEA what this amazing tree is called. It resembles a Hibiscus and smells like heaven and honeysuckle mixed together......seriously! Anyone have an idea what this is?? It is a small tree and is loaded with blossoms.

This is Charro, or escapee bunny. She somehow manged to open her cage door one afternoon and has been wandering the farm, eating my garden and annoying the chickens, ever since. This was the prime example of a still subject. If she wasn't running as fast as she could to hide from me, she was sitting perfectly still trying to convince me that she was invisible. HaH!

Well, I hope that I have satisfied the Farm Suite and Chickie Momma blogging masses with my amazing, million dollar making, Ninja photo skills. :}


  1. Aw heck, if you get NAMED (even crossed out) in a blog then you must comment. It's a rule. I must say, I'm particularly fond of the dirty flip flops photo. Very summerish! I'm also fond of ALL the rest! Well done friend! May you make zillions of dollars from your photography and never worry about the price of gas again!

  2. I also had to mention that the word verification for my previous post was ADUDDOGG I thought that was funny.

  3. Sorry about Snow White... Very sweet picture! Love that bunny shot too! :)

  4. I agree with Jade... the pic of my daughter and yours is cute, cute, cute, willya print it for my birthday? I will memorialize your chicken on my wall of loved ones.

    All your pictures are good, btw. I've been telling you.


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