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Alright already!

Ahhhhh! Can't you just hear the Angels a singin'?!

(Please note that this is only one quarter of my gianormous kitchen. I worked til 9:30 last night. I am beat.) I was a scrubbing away like a maniac yesterday. Hair tied back. Work clothes on. (no make up, frumpy clothes, wild hair=one scary momma) When I stared to feel heat building on my back. "What the....." I was workin' so dang hard that my back fat was working up some steam. I am lucky that I didn't catch ma'seph on fire, I tell ya! I can just picture the headline's:

"Woman burns down house, back fat blamed. More to come." BOOOWAAAHHHhahahahLOL!

Glory shot of the fridge. No shmutz nor too much fridge-a' phnalia. (I can't believe I still have the other 3 quarters of the kitchen to scrub!) I went to bed last night sure I had suffered from mild brain damage. Accepting this kitchen challenge must have come as a shock to some. Thus the brain damage. Maybe it is all of the pollen in the air. Maybe it was just the fact that my kitchen has "deliberately" open shelving. I just HAD to do it. It may take me a few days to actually finish, though, bear with me.
Hope this helps to make your day!
I have to go put the ice pack, hot pack, whatever pack, on my various broken body parts, while applying 3 different kinds of lotion, with the hopes of reviving the skin on my hands and soaking my feet in a peppermint foot bath, while downing a bottle of Advil, sucking down at least 3 cups of coffee, since I didn't sleep a wink, because I was in too much unearthly pain, rubbing on the Ben Gay (well 'cuz I'm old), wrapping my arm with an ace bandage, massaging my sore hair follicles, whining pathetically.........
ALL, with the hopes of returning to work at some point today.


  1. Brain DAMAGE. I cannot believe you have the audacity to complain about your 10-butt kitchen. Or 20. You know your kitchen is awesome. Good job on the scrubbing. Did you get Inspector General to remove his bomb, I mean barbecue?

  2. Hall-le-lu-ia!!

    Lookit that! It's amazing! You did great, keep up the good work!

    Hey, I had a pretty crappy few hours, and am feeling really down, but once I saw the steaming back fat line, I dang near wet myself laughing. You completed another difficult task and you didn't even know it - you made me GUFFAW!

  3. The Bomb-B-Que... has a nice ring to it.

  4. This is the I.G.
    Due to reports of unauthorized explosive devices in the food preperation area, a full, level 3 Inspection is required. Results are the Bomb-e-Que is no more than a gas range- (properly vented and safely placed away from any incindiares) That will be all.


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