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Exposé moi...

ex·po·sé \ek-spō-ˈzā\ : A formal statement of facts.

Well, well... It seems that Jade has succeeded in encouraging me to take the leap toward clutter freedom. So here we go...

This makes me happy:

This does not:

When I did the big kitchen cleanup a few weeks ago, this spot was somehow overlooked. This is my plastic fake'O Tupperware heap. I know, it is bad. Two of my good friends are always telling me to purge that stuff! "You don't need all of that" is their constant nag. To which I sweetly reply "yes I do, its for the Inspector's lunches".

OK, so the poor guy can't use a hundred broken, miss-matched plastic containers in one day so ... I will get rid of a few of them.

Alright, a lot of them!

Most of the containers are old and broken and have missing lids or the lids have missing containers, so it should be no problem to reduce the masses. My biggest issue is with the way they are stored. This was the best solution I could come up with, since I don't have a drawer to stick them in and I don't want to put them on my open shelves....yuck'O.

Anyone have a super cute idea for storing these bad boys??


  1. Alright, Missy, you know I have an idea for cute storage of all the plastic cra-, er, crud.

    Said cute storage would be the trash.

    Then find a cute basket (you are the Queen of Basketry) that fits on your fabulous shelving, and only keep plastic for which you have a lid and a use. If it doesn't fit in the basket, toss it. And as you continue to save the stupid plastic (cuz I know the Inspector leaves some of it at work), then let the size of the basket be your guide.

    And may the force be with you.

  2. I would use a basket that was deep enough to hide them.

  3. Ditto! A basket that they could hide in. Just do baskets for those shelves and hide all the stuff!

    Oh and some rules to follow: If you haven't used it in the past year - toss it! If you don't use it very often - toss it! You can only keep what you have room to store. I struggle with this one with books. You have to get rid of what doesn't fit! Hope this helps!!! :)

    Glad you are sticking around!

  4. Hmm... My method was a bit more extreme. I tossed them ALL and then started over with containers that nest. They take up lots less space and they all fit in one medium sized box.

    I have to admit I'm in love with those disposable type containers though, they are inexpensive and if "someone" leaves them somewhere, it doesn't make me cry to know they are gone. Plus if something green starts growing in one? I can just chuck it!


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