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The green eyed monster is female.

Earlier this week my children and I made a pit stop in town at the local magazine swapping spot.  I had great hopes of finding some colorful magazines ripe for the cutting.  There were collages to make.

We searched the stacks of discarded magazines.  We rifled through pile after glossy pile, searching for just the right pictures.

Then I spied it!  There between the Dog and Cat Fancy and Sports something-er-other was the cutest Woman's Day I have ever seen.  The cover was swimming in cupcakes so cute they could melt butter. With eyes as big as saucers, my youngest boy pulled the book from its resting place. I promptly snatched the glossy pages from his chubby fingers.  He protested only briefly.  I told him it was for girls only.  Chock full of cooties, that one.  He looked up at me with his best puppy dog impersonation and said  "green eyed monster".

Now, normally I would have scolded the young mister for such sass but something in knew that it was a true statement. So, I let it slide.

Fast forward  a few days.

Taking a much needed break from the school brain melt, I pulled out the coveted, cupcake smothered  magazine from its hiding place.  I poured myself a fresh cup of coffee and set down in my favourite comfy chair.

And there it was.  In large bold letters.

The green eyed monster is female!

Well now.

According to the magazine women are more prone to jealousy.


Some women are prone to rip magazines from the clutches of babes.


  1. Poor guy... tell him we sympathize and he should come over... or, he should make his momma come over for a time out!

  2. Oh yeah. A 'time out.' Funny how mommies are always wanting one.


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