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Today we played in the sunshine. The same sunshine that has hid itself from our little farm for what feels like a year.

Today we went to Sonic for lunch. I love, love, love the ice at Sonic. The ice makes me and my Dr. Pepper extra happy. I know it's silly but that's just the way it is.

Today we went to "big" town to pick up my broken sewing machine. Again. As in, we were there yesterday to pick up said machine and pay big bucks to have said machine in working order.  The sewing repair man must have thought I was dumb.  The stitch sample was skipping stitches left and right.  The man told me that was the way it was supposed to look.  Really dude? Grr...

Today I am going to let out my frustrations at Tae Kwon Do.

Today I am happy for library interweb.


  1. my mind is SOOOOO ruined by Facebook. i totally wanted to "like" this post...

  2. p.s. YEN CHING... STOP rubbing your sonic stuff in my face... At least you didn't mention TJs...

  3. Oh - I hope your machine gets working right...

  4. Sonic ice needs its own song. Sewing machine guy will NOT be hearing from anyone who hears this story...I am so tempted to post his address somewhere very conspicuous.

  5. OH! And internet is your friend.

  6. I love Sonic ice, too. We don't have Sonic on Long Island, as far as I can tell. But that's just as well or I would be lobbying hard for a daily Frito Pie.

  7. I love Sonic, but we don't have Sonic where I live. We don't have sunshine either. :-(

    Sorry about your sewing machine. Hope it gets fixed soon.


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