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Just Nuts...

I said to myself the last time I was blogging from the library... 'just nuts'.   Some of you may remember the sweet gal I met the last time I posted via the library computers. 

For some reason I am blessed with meeting new and strange people when I go to town.  'Why go to town?' you ask.  Well, during my last blogging escapade I was experiencing some mega PMS (yeah, I admit it) and somehow managed to knock the satellite dish out of alignment. 

Don't ask how.

The nice lady, from another country, told me that a nice gentleman would be by on Friday to realign the dish.  She then told me not to kill the poor fella when he got there.  I was not hostile, I swear!  (You might say a quick prayer for the dude sitting at the computer next to me though...he will not leave me ALONE!)

Needless to say I am experiencing blogging withdrawls but will return to blogland by Friday night.  Till then, I am scheduling a few old posts to keep you busy.

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