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My Nemesis

The Evil Mr. No is a pudgy little man. A small yet powerful midget of a thing.

I have been fighting for all of my adult life to get my hands on this little man. I have devoted more hours than I can count, to the perilous hunt for the Evil Mr. No.

He is sneaky. He is slippery.

I am Wimp Girl. I wear my smart, super hero-esque garb with style. I always put on a good face. I smile meekly and keep all my thoughts to myself.

I have issues with saying no. No. Of all the tiny, simple little words in the English language, no is my nemesis.

What say you? Yes man or No siree?

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  1. NO!! That's how you do it *grin* (As if I even know how to say it out LOUD!)


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