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Playing nice

Today, I wasn't in the mood to play nice. I am grouchy. I just want to have my interweb back. I want to blog and read blogs. Blog, blog, blog! Despite my crappy attitude I just have to say: Hoooraah for the library! Today I had to travel 20 minutes to my not so local library for interweb access. ((sigh))

In the parking lot I met a sweet young gal who immediately pressed in closer than was comfortable and asked me how my day was going. I replied that I was having a fine day and how would her day be going?

"I am frikkin' awesome" she replied. "I just called my boyfriend a p*ssy!"

Well now. Really??

She proceeded to follow me into the library and continued on with her chatty ways. The only computer available to me was one directly next to her. So down I sat and on she went.

Upon reading her newest Myspace message she found that her brother who just finished a tour in Iraq had gotten himself a new "tat". A tattoo that he himself had designed. On and on this girl went with her life story and the story of her brother and how efffin' cool this and the other thing were.

After about half an hour of nothing but effin' mind blowing conversation the girl stood up got right into my face and asked me my age. Well, I faltered. Then told her " I am 33." She took a step backwards exclaimed "wow, you look effin' great! I am 21 and I thought you were younger than me! My name is Ariel what's yours?"

Reeling slightly from the flatteries dumped upon me, I gave her my name and wished her the best of luck with her effin' life.

After Ariel had left the building the librarian came over and pulled up a chair. She thanked me for taking the time to invest in Ariel, she is not well. She is mentally lost and homeless.

I told the librarian that it wasn't any problem. I didn't mind talking to the girl, in fact she told me I looked great! I thought she was a sweet kid! Heck I had contemplated taking her home with me! The librarian laughed and told me what a good person I was. I thought: you are effin' right! I am a nice person.

Rather than do my blogging like I had been dying to do, I sat and patiently chatted about life and love with a mentally unstable homeless girl, who claimed that life was good. Effin' good!

Well reader, life is good! Did you play nice today?


  1. Sooo- I'm thinkin' if the library is so effin cool, you may never want to blog in the (relative) calm of your own home office! Think on all of the material you have access to, simply by exposing yourself to a more general society. I say, jump in, wallow in the morass of human endeavor, savor the aromatic pong of the great unwashed; and then..... share!

  2. Wow.. what a great reminder that we should show love to others always and make time in our lives for them. We just never know what might be going on in that other person's life. So glad you shared this with us! A real encouragement to me.

  3. Neat story KL! I think that sometimes certain people are put in our path for a reason... and if nothing else, a librarian somewhere got a glimpse of pure goodness.

    Well done friend!

  4. I am reeaally trying to play nice these days but you took the cake with this story. Here's hoping Ariel finds some balance. 'effin right.


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