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After a nice, semi relaxing day, I am back to the grind-stone. 

I am working on a corn husk doll tutorial for the long neglected Sanity Savers site, a new triptych for this site and currently trying out the 'blogger in draft' -which I like so far. 

I am finally settling into a good groove with our homeschool.  Four years later.  Seems odd to me that it would take so long..  Whatever, things are really going well as far as schooling goes.

It is rainy and cold here this morning and I have secret hopes of pulling out the sewing machine and sneaking in a few hours of stitching.  I have been inspired by Erin's scrappy log cabin blocks. Check out the absolute adorableness of them here and here.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, its off to work I go...


  1. What a restful post! Thanks ... I even sighed. :)

  2. Love the picture! Hope you feel better...
    I can't wait to read the "tootorial" on corn husk dolls- I think they're so sweet and have always wanted to try making them.


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