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Easy does it

I have run so harry-carry as of late, I am feeling the need to take a day off.  The busy, bustling of  "putting food by" has taken a toll on my house and my attitude.  For months I have poured out my energies, with abandon, on my garden and now... 

I find I have lost the heart for tending and toiling.  And canning.

Ad infinitum.

I think I will play the grasshopper for a day and simply watch the ants scurry past.


  1. I know what you mean...

    I had just mopped the kitchen floor on Friday and then Saturday made jelly and applebutter and had such a sticky mess that I had to mop the floor again - wishing I had just waited instead of mopping it twice...

  2. Oh,affectionkit, we see your sticky floors and raise you some sticky children.

    Now that was a weird poker analogy.


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