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Where do we blog from here?

Following up such an eloquent post as the one my verbose hubby authored makes me feel like a blathering idiot. And really, how does a non politically driven blogger girl move on from here?

Well she does what she knows best. She gets a little crafty.

Last weekend while my darling was blogging away in my stead, I took up residence in my craft studio, also loving dubbed "Mom's Craft Hole". Between showing Dick Daring the inner workings of Google and Blogger's photo uploader, (because ya know, I am a technical GENIUS!! muwhahaha) I managed to whittle a path to my sewing machine, where, to my great surprise, I pieced a twin size quilt and stitched up a sundress for a worthy cause.

My bloggy friend Jade has stared a group called Craft Hope. Being always a willing joiner where crafting is concerned, I happily pledged my crafty prowess. The Craft Hope group is stitching up handmade clothing for the Pan de Vida shelter in Mexico. If you are the crafty sort and would like to help out please hop on over to the Craft Hope site.

Here is dress #1.

(read:Go here to see my sweet Fern ironing this very pillowcase for me this past summer when I attempted my very first pillowcase dress, it very scintillating reading.)

The armpits looks weird and lumpy. I think that maybe I didn't cut the arm holes deep enough or maybe I cut them too deep.....whatever. I am hopeful that the next one will have lump free pits.

How's that for eloquence? It may be all blather but who doesn't love a good cause and some crafty goodness?

Ya know, I think my hubby will be proud of me for being so Socratic. And such a stellar seamstress.


  1. Hmmm... send those lumpy pits my way and I'll wear them with your quilt blocks next time I go to Walmart. That ought to turn a few heads.

  2. That made my day, Paula! I could hardly keep a straight face while I was actually sewing my quilt. I kept thinking what it would be like to streak through Wally World wearing only my quilt blocks....LOL!

  3. It's a lovely little dress - I have those exact same little plastic hangers...

  4. WOW! I can't wait to see Paula in the quilt-block-pillowcase-frock!

  5. Miri, that sounds like the makings of a Seussical!

  6. I'm proud of you for saying "lump free pits"... I think that was very eloquently put.

    Besides, you know us farm folk can't understand you when you're talking all froofy-like and stuff. We're not used to it. Let's keep the froofy on the pillowcase dresses. LOL!


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