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Good day Citizens, today's guest blog is brought to you by Progressive policies, First Amendment Protection Insurances, and the letter Y.

Y is Dick Daring daring to trespass on Katie's divine blogosphere? Because she told me to. And I always do what she wants. That makes me a genius.

Now that my status as a Genius has been irrevocably established, I can now feel free to engage in Socratic Philosophy with My Fellow Citizens.

Y use the philosophy of Socrates?

Because (I know I must never begin a sentence with because, Mrs O'Fallon, but, (Mrs. O'Fallon being the Spirit of my 8th, 10th and 11th Grade English Lit teacher, who severely disapproves of parenthetical writing, and I'm sure putting parenthesis in parenthesis has really got her bunched) anyhow I am not writing in True Paragraph Form, and that makes it OK)
because, Socrates always answered a question with a question; and in so doing avoided answering the question. Genius!

has my own Blog languished of late?

would Dick Daring dare be relegated to wacko fringe status by asking questions and or criticizing our newly, duly elected; by an overwhelming 52% majority of my fellow citizens, Obama Administration?

Who could oppose His message? Not I. Who can
fault His rhetoric? Not I. I want to believe. I choose to submit to his leadership.

He opposes the demands by Corporate systems for little government intervention, opposes Wall Street's unequivocal support of free trade , opposes the super rich Elite's support for free international movement of capital, and opposes capitalism's support of individual wind fall profits.

However, I REFUSE to submit my intellect and my Liberties. Subvert them if you will, take them if you can, but Iwillnotsubmit.

Y would anyone advocate for less freedom? Y have free people throughout history chosen to live with fewer liberties? The answer is always the same, you know it and I know it.

Safety. Security. Painful realities deferred
. In my ever so daring opinion, fear.

We cede our liberties on a daily basis. Little bits, nothing worth going to war over. I don't fight my managers when they say my freedom of speech does not exist at work, since anything I say at work can be construed as official policy. Stuff like that happens to us all the time. And we allow it.

Enough about me though, Katie asked me to Blog today because at breakfast I was attempting to put some perspective on $1,000,000,000,000.(I think I got that right, lets see six o's for a million, three more for billion, and then...).
As in the Bush Administration initiated, Obama Administration advocating, Trillion dollar stimulus plan.

Came up with some interesting things while researching this.

A one dollar bill measures about six by three inches.

A one thousand dollar bill is ironically the same size.

A one thousand dollar bill, laying on the side walk in Tokyo would not be enough to buy the space it occupied. It was once said that Bill Gates generates so much wealth every moment that he would lose money taking the time to stoop and pick that $1,000 bill up. One Trillion dollars is equal to $1,000 bills, stacked one atop another to a height of 72 miles.

Or altitude, since Space is only 6 miles awa

Ladies, consider this- (if I haven't already
lost you as an audience). Think about spending $1,000,000 a day.

Every day. Since Christmas. Could you finance your own island paradise, complete with complacent manlings to do your every bidding?

Oh, and by the way, I don't mean last Christmas, I meant to say the first Christmas, in Bethlehem, 2,008 years ago. One million dollars a day, and coincidentally, 70 years left in the old check book.

I love America! All that money is generated by good old honest folks, going to work, doing their business, every day. And paying their taxes. Which, apparently, the architect of our $300,000,000 Bailout (buyout?) of America's 'to big to fail' banks, chose not to do. Still, our new Treasury Secretary is the only person in America capable of distributing $1,000,000,000,000.(I think I got that right, lets see six o's for a million, six more for billion, and then...) Because his plan worked so well on the first plan called TARP: you know Troubled Asset Relief Plan.

I think they called it tarp 'cause that's what you need to cover up such a stinking pile of manure!

Time to face reality folks.

Government control of the financial markets, setting up a Bank of the United States, (in addition to the Federal Exchange Commission) Government purchasing controlling interest in corporations and then setting controls is FASCISM.

I know that's not what our brilliant people in our government and media call it but that is what it is. If fascism, or socialism or an Island Paradise, is what you want in America, lets debate that, choose a new path and get on with it.

Don't package it as something else,tell me to swallow it whole, and hurry up about it so we can all save ourselves from ourselves.

Uber genius G.W. Bush says we need to abandon the principles of capitalism to save it. Riiight. Obama say's it's time for a change. All of this crap has been said and done before. Awe inspiring government spending didn't end or even shorten the Great Depression, but WWII sure did. Anyone up for another one of those?

Our economic slide is not Obama's fault. Nor is it W's. It's ours. We borrowed the money, got the interest only loans and refinanced our homes to buy vacations and Ski Doo's. WE ate too much and and now WE have a bellyache. Pepto and time will cure it. Instead we want to mortgage our childrens future to pay for the doctor to give us a stomach pumping, or tracheotomy, or a new lawn on the Capital mall. Anything to end the sufferi

My parents survived the Great Depression. So can we, if we must.

The question is, what kind of bitter pill are we willing to swallow so we can avoid it?

Truly and Sincerely yours,

Dick Daring

All photos courtesy of Google


  1. Dick Daring, I must say that was a fabulous post. I think I'll make my husband read it. I dread the thought of my stomach being pumped, but I feel as though I'm sitting on the examining table with no choice. I must have given up that choice when I bought into government healthcare.

    The government may save us, but who will save our children from the government?

  2. Hmmm, people misinterpret FDR's purposes a lot. I don't think he was surprised that he couldn't end the Depression. I don't think he felt that anything but market forces could eventually do that. His main goal was to save our democratic government and our capitalist system. With a 25 percent rate of unemployment, both were in jeopardy. What many people nowadays forget is that back in the 30's, there was a very healthy Communist Party in the US; and the severe economic troubles of our capitalist system were helping it increase its membership roles. FDR sponsored programs that had the government employing people until such time as the market could take back over. Because employed people weren't as likely to go Communist.

    FDR, in that sense, was successful. Pure capitalism will never work, because it cannot survive politically (aside from the questionable morality of letting people in a rich society starve because they cannot find gainful employment). No one wants socialism. But, as you can see, unfettered, unregulated markets can lead dangerously close to it. Please remember, it was a Republican administration and a Republican treasury secretary last year which came dangerously close to nationalizing our banks. Obama is playing the (lousy) hand he has been dealt. Somehow he must achieve a balance between a mostly free market and a stable society. It is easy for those of us with food on the table and a job to go to to tell all those people in Michigan and Indiana that they just need to wait out this crisis. But Obama recognizes that a society that doesn't supply some sort of safety net is a dangerously unstable one.

    Also, Fascism and Socialism? 2 different things...

  3. this is why I am genuinely sad that you don't blog more. Honestly... Mom blogs are great but holy crap this was a fantastic post!

    it is OUR fault,and we can blame any president or leadership anywhere but we've become a people of pretty things, instant gratification and narcissism.

  4. alright, Dick Daring.

    you crack me up.

    what i want to know is:

    where did you get the picture of the manure pile?

  5. Thanks for taking the time to read me thru- It's very hard for me to lose my skepticism. SuburbanCorrespondent- Thanks especially for your insightfullness, and for your candor. As I said, my mother was 16 during the Depression,and she looooves FDR. I admire him too. I agree with your statements regard him and his policies. However, the LIE we are experiencing now, told with enthusiasm from ALL parties is this continued borrowing and spending will "get America moving again". No one wants to hear "Limp America along, so we dont succumb to political and fiscal pressures being applied from within and without," This is what I mean by my Fascism, Socialism comment,(by the way, private island colonies staffed with manlings are also unrelated to each.) I for one, am a big boy. I CAN handle the truth. I think...

  6. Katie,

    You have been tagged. Come on over to my site to see the details.


  7. Oiy! Brilliant and well articulated! I heard about a news program doing a piece on the financial peril we are in. The articles conclusion: We are to blame BECAUSE we are saving TOO MUCH, and paying off too many credit cards. People, don't put money away, don't pay off debt; Rack up those credit cards, borrow more than you can pay back; it's our only hope!

    Wow we are in trouble aren't we?


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