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O' Happy Day!

Arrgh, Matey! Be mine 'er else!

Such a cute, yet morbid, vintage Valentine. Here's hoping that everyone has a lovely Valentine's Day.


  1. Um. The guns-n-sword thing. Never seen the likes of THAT Valentine! ;)

  2. It's weird how back in the day, this Valentine seemed just right for someone.

    Captain Jack Sparrow maybe...

    Happy day :D

  3. And you! We don't do much around here except love on each other and eat chocolate.

  4. hey chick - i popped in a few days ago, but your snake picture blog post fair scared me off!
    i kid you not.
    freaky deaky.
    hope your valentine's was really fabulous - and you got a ton of chocolate!
    i finally bought some chilli dark chocolate today from a chocolaterie in town - it felt like i was in the movie Chocolat... love that movie SO MUCH!
    mwah X

  5. You KNEW I'd like that valentine! Hope yours was great!!


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