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So, I am not a techy head, at all. Just the fact that I can maintain a small square of interweb journalism is a small miracle.

Whilst out perusing the net this morning I stumbled onto the coolest thing. I found myself. Yes, me, myself and I. Right smack dab in the middle of some thing called Technorati. I have no clue what Technorati is, so finding my humble leetle bloggy over there was quite cool. Don't even ask how I got there to begin with, 'cuz I have no idea.

The labels and screen shot are really old but I am not bothered. In fact I am honored that some techy crawler thingies took the time to crawl around and pick up my blog. Yeah me!

If you want to sneak a peek at what my humble leetle bloggy looked like ages ago head on over here. Just for giggles check out that little rank number under the thumbnail. 675,709 seems like a nice big number to me, even though I have NO IDEA what that means, technically speaking that is.

Just call me technically challenged and thank the stars that I can blog at all.

Now, I wonder if Technorati could send someone to crawl around under my desk and pick up all the thingies crawling around under there. Hmm....


  1. You technogenius, you.

    I think I'll make you a t-shirt.

    Maybe you can be my new tech support since my husband is always too busy.

  2. Miri,
    Make it a TechNOTgenius shirt. That nice big "rank" number means how far I am from the top...ummm. Not so popular eh? LOL!

  3. I've heard of it, but I've no clue what it is either...

  4. Neato!
    I'm still feeling my way around this blog thing... no, GROPING IN THE DARK is a better description.


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