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What is that??

Besides being butt-crack-cold here, it is amazingly bright and beautiful. The days dawn has brought us a gorgeous blue sky. This is such a shocking occurrence that my kids actually asked "What is that?" when the light poured through the living room windows.

What are they saying?

Really folks, living in the dark Northwest is starting to take its toll.


  1. That's a pretty picture and a funny story - here's wishing you lots of sunshine!

  2. That's a beautiful picture.

    hmmm....butt crack cold. Never heard that expression before. Did you just make that up by the seat of your pants?

  3. Mrs. B has me laughing my pants off. That's FUNNY.

  4. Love the picture!

    it was -54 here on monday.. now that's more than butt crack cold!

  5. It can be so gloomy in the north this time of year. Confession: I went to a sun booth today for four minutes. I needed the boost.

  6. What a gorgeous picture!! It sounds like the kiddos need a trip to Florida for some cold weather detox.
    I'm with Mrs. B- butt crack cold is a new one for me, but it does make me shiver a little... maybe the words butt-crack just have that effect on people.
    butt crack...
    butt crack...
    Yes, it does seem to be getting colder in here.

  7. You guys "crack" me up!

    Amydeanne, you have the hands down award for true butt crack coldness! Negative 54! That is cold.


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