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Weighty issue

I have been trying to focus on the positive lately. This is quite hard to accomplish. You see the pessimist in me just takes over sometimes and I can't snap out of the grumps. Optimism is not my strong suit.

A couple of weeks ago, for some strange reason, I seemed to be getting a lot of compliments from my hubby and friends. "You are lookin' good" they would say. I would grumble back a thankless thank you, as I was sure they were lying to me. Pessimist takes over.

I decided to try my hand at a self portrait. This was the best of the lot. It's not good by any means but it helped me to see that I am starting to look better if not "good".

Blasted pessimistic nature!

All told, in the last year I have lost 45 pounds. That is nothing to shake a stick at. And by golly it has been a long year chalk full of one stressful event after another. So, maybe I can step back and let loose the optimist in me and pat myself on the shoulder and say...."I'm lookin' good"....

better at least.

Optimism is not my strong suit.


  1. WOW - 45 lbs - you have a lot to be optimistic about!!!

  2. That's awesome! So, what's your secret? I need to lose about 40 myself. We did family pictures last weekend and I was like 'gasp!'

  3. Katie lost 45 pounds? Katie had quite a year. Katie takes a nice self-portrait. Katie is looookin' fine! Saucy says so.

  4. we are always our worst critic! You look fabulous. Take loads of before/after pix, that will help. Give yourself a minute to smile and let the compliment sink in before you brush it off, too. You deserve it!

  5. 45 pounds is GREAT! You should definitely feel good about that, sister!

  6. How AWESOME!


  7. Thanks ladies! You all made my day!

  8. Excuse me, you ARE lookin' good!! And I can say that because uh... I've seen you in your underpants. hehehahahaha

  9. Lex!

    Shh....no one's supposed to know about that :)


  10. 45 lbs is a huge accomplishment!! are you look great! :^D)


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