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Small joys

While I was out and about this morning, reading up on everyone's blogs, I found this little gem: Reasons to Love Winter.

After perusing the lovely photo's for a bit, I tried hard to think up my own reason to love winter. As I live in non-winter country (mostly just rain, rain, rain), I had to think hard but I came up with one.

Hot Cocoa with mini Marshmallows.

We may not get snow but at least it's cold enough for Cocoa.

Have a 'Reason to Love Winter'? Please share.


  1. Hot cocoa WITH a bubble bath. Now we're talking.

  2. And the marshmallows look a little like bubbles. Mrs. G is a "G"enius.

  3. We do love winter - and soy cocoa with peppermint - yum - we love sledding in the snow and catching snowflakes on our tongues...

  4. Books... fireplaces... snuggling to keep warm... kids with gloves & hats, and red noses ... and a peppermint latte. Mmmmm

  5. Hot cocoa - definitely, oh and hot tea, and hot coffee and chai latte! Fireplaces and candles aplenty... yes, there are reasons to love winter!

  6. Fireplaces.

    Real wood fireplaces, not those fake gas ones (like our house has).

  7. Hello katie……
    I am so glad to found your blog!
    You are welcomed to my blog…….
    Wishing you in advance "A Merry X'Mas and A Happy New Year''

  8. Ummm... hot cocoa with marshmallows and a shot of Irish Creme.

  9. Yummy...and what a great photo!!!

  10. Hot Cocoa with Mini Marshmallows has got to be my favorite thing about winter.. followed VERY closely by a fire in the fireplace.

    Have a great week!


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