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Well I totally made that word up. Farmishness. Do you like it? I think it suits our feeble attempt at farming.

So, it's been snowing here all day but nothing has stuck yet. We have little whitish puddles all around the house but nary a tuft of fluffy powder. The weather guessers are saying that the big storm is coming tonight. The kids can hardly contain their excitement at the impending snow storm.

In other news.

Thursday night we (as in hubby, eldest and myself) tried our hand at chicken butchering. This was the first time for all of us. It went much quicker than I had anticipated and smelled terrible. Right now hubby and eldest are out in the freezing rain doing round two. We did two the first night and are doing two again today. That leaves us with 13 more. All I can say is, them birds better taste freakin' fabulous!

The wood box is full. The chicken is roasting in the oven. The tea kettle is whistling merrily. The snow/rain/slush is drifting slowly past the windows. It is just another day of farmishness here at the Little Farm in the Wildwood.


  1. Wow. I dream of going off grid but I don't think I will be able to do the chicken thing. I will probalby have to become a vegetarian.

  2. hmmm.....did you always plan to butcher all those chickens or is this a recent desire...?

    You are a brave woman. I would faint at the thought of butchering, the sight of blood and the smell. Then again when eating, knowing that I had seen this chicken while it was alive.

    I always dreamed one day of living on a farm. Guess that just ended. I'll have to think up a new one now....

  3. If I didn't have such a time with the animals eating my garden I just might try the vegetarian thing...:)

  4. I'm glad your warm and cozy in your farmishness.

  5. Katie, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I have put a blurb about you in my latest post. Please drop by and read it. Thanks again....

    Coco www.screamingforchocolate.blogspot.com

  6. Isn't it time for Grand Pere's un grog ?

    I don't envy the chicken thing but the rest sounds real enjoyable.
    Love yah

  7. Hooray for farmishness!
    I enjoy doing the farm thing, having chickens and all that but I STILL can't bring myself to knock one off! I'm working on finding a local source to do the dirty work.

  8. Except for the butchering part, it sounds great. And even that, it must feel honest, at least. Go you.


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