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A little calamity madness

Let me just say that I repel technology. The fact that I was born in the wrong century may or may not have anything to do with this fact.


The washing machine has gone tits up AGAIN!! (after spending 150 bucks to fix it just a month ago) the dishwasher was broken then magically replaced by the dishwasher that fell from heaven (PTL), the toaster only works when its in the mood, the blower on the wood stove sounds like "The Vent" from hell AND now the refrigerator has decided to die. Mind you, this is not a dodgy old fridge but a five years young little number. I guess I should have paid more attention to the signs. The thing has been bleeding for awhile now.

Like the day I came home to find that my trusty food preserver turned Old Faithful was gushing a milky substance all across the kitchen floor. Wha??

Since that fateful day, my good ole Whirlpool has been well, pooling.


Last night-after grocery shopping no less-I returned home to a friendly aroma. Ode to spoiled milk? Parfume du soggy broccoli? Ah, the heady nose of Onions Ala Room Temperature, plus all of the above.

Rather than actually deal with the situation at hand, I am complaining blogging lazily contemplating a course of action. What the... freak and frack am I going to do with all the groceries I just bought!?!

It's calamity madness I tell you!


  1. We went without a stove/oven for 2 months once. The BBQ grill and the microwave still worked though! We've had times where we've had to use the fridge in the travel trailer, and the ice chests came in handy once too. hehehe

    Isn't life GRAND!? Just tell me you're not doing Thanksgiving at YOUR house?!?

    Freecycle - Please send KL replacement appliances!! And hurry!

  2. Ohh shheeezz... how in the world do the dang things know the most horrific time to break down?? It's creepy. They have alert systems; I'm sure of it! =( sorry girl!

  3. It is just too sad to read my love! I think you need to have the calamity demon excised from your home once and for all! Our on again, off again fridge is not the gridge. It never did make a full recovery after Micah used the freezer door for a trapeze.

    When it stopped cooling and we thought it was a lost cause the repair guy just cleaned out the fan behind the freezer I think. It has worked pretty much okay since then.

  4. Is it cool enough there to put things in the trunk of your car without fear of freezing? I did that once in an emergency and it worked. Late fall, early winter. The timing might be right.

  5. Where to put the groceries....? hmm..... I remember on year around Thanksgiving time, my mom put the gallons of milk & the half eaten turkey carcass outside. It was cold enough [in Iowa] to do that. I was so embarrassed though. What IF someone drove by and could magically see through the garage into the back yard & wonder why there was food and drink here and there.
    Looking back on it now, she was just doing what she had to do with lots of holiday food clogging the fridge, and milk for 8 kids needing to go somewhere. (not that *I* would ever do that though)...

  6. P.S. I TOTALLY can relate to the appliance thing. We had just gotten a new stove after a month without one. The dishwasher has been decoration only for almost 2yrs now, and my washer is hobblin' along, works when it feels like it & is only 5yrs old. Bleh.

  7. Oh, dear! I hope all returns to normal soon!

    BTW, will you either send me an e-mail or leave me a comment explaining how you use the strike through feature in blogger?


  8. DANG IT!! That's a bummer!

    Hey, did you change the look of your place? I like it!!

  9. this totally and completely sucks. I am so sorry to hear this... Did you find something?

  10. I think appliances have little time b*mbs (have to be careful with that word now, don't we?) set to go off before Thanksgiving and Christmas. Just when you need clean clothes and fresh food.

    Wait. You need those all year round, you say?


  11. Alas, all is well in hand. Replacement fridge works wonderfully!


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