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I am an old soul.

You might ask; how does one go about finding whether one is an old or young soul?


Put 2 and 2 together, take away 3, multiply by 1875 then go read a Jane Austen novel. That is how I come to my much debated, overly thought out and much anticipated, hypothesis.

Being born into the wrong century is surely a terrible fate. A fate for which there is no reconciling the differences between my soul's age and my actual age. You see 1975 and 1875 somehow got their signals crossed and I got dropped into the wrong time zone.

I have felt the antiquity of my soul since I was small child. I have always ran with the older set; settling in to chat with the older folks rather than the young. Visiting with more mature people just suited me.

My generation is called "Gen X". This is such an incredibly depressing and uninspired title for my peers and I to carry through our lifetime. It seems so un-just, un-fair and well just, un.

My soul's generation is called "The Great Generation". It begs to be remembered. "The Great Generation" rings with valiant deeds and romance. It sings a different tune and walks to a different beat. This generation sang a song filled with grandeur and elegance. This is my generation.

I am an old soul.


Reader, what generation does your soul claim?


  1. I was once told by an older lady who I worked with in NYC that I should have lived during the 1940s. I was so excited because I got to play a character in a film set in the '40s. I think it would have suited me.

    Here's a link to see a clip from the film:

    Still, I'm happy living in the present, although, I'd be happy to find a new title for our generation as well. In fact, "baby busters" isn't all that aspirational, either, is it?

  2. Starshine,
    I am right there with you in the 40's-50's era. What a time to live!

    Oh, I so envy your acting career. It was my dream once...

  3. old soul for sure. i'm a 75'er as well and feel like i'm trapped in the wrong century! bahhh though i imagine i wouldn't be so well off in 1875 either lol

  4. I'd do ok living on a prarie somewhere... you know, with Laura Ingalls as my neighbor. :)

  5. Mmm... the clothes! I have to think carefully because I don't want to have to wear a corset. Can I get back to you on this? Or, is time-jumping allowed?


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