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Bloggers help eachother out

Well friends, my dear, farm sweet friend is under the weather. She is ill with the nasty flu/cold/who-knows-what bug. She is home suffering and writhing in pain resting quietly on her chic new sofa, sweetly sipping her red wine tea, whilst her engineer husband puts out the fires adeptly handles life on a hobby farm. And, of course her children are behaving like perfect angles.

Fellow bloggers, the only thing standing between Miriam and certain death is comments. It's all about comments, I tell you. Won't you head on over to the Suite and give the girl a little comment love? Let her know she is missed. Cuz honestly I can barely blog for my own dang self, let alone TWO people.


  1. You are such a fabulous friend!!

    I was blessed to be at a friend's house when I became ill... she took good care of me.

    What would we do if we couldn't rely on one another? That would be a very SAD day!

  2. You're too much! Too bad you aren't here to blog for me today too. I probably need to be penned up for awhile *pun intended, of course!*


  3. That picture is hilarious. Kids do go nuts when mom's sick. Your poor friend.

  4. heading on over! thanks for letting us know!!!


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