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I have a good friend, Misty, who encouraged me to read the Twilight Saga, which I willingly did. I got totally wrapped up the the lives of these crazy love struck teenage creatures. I searched out the Twilight Soundtrack at her encouragement and loved it. Misty and I email back and forth with news and tidbits we have found on the net. We discuss the lives of these characters and plan on taking a trip to Forks WA, someday. Our kids even made up their own Twilight theme song, aimed strictly at their mothers silly obsession.

We are Twilighter Momma's.

Misty has already secured her tickets to tomorrow's midnight showing of the movie. I am skulking around wishing I could hop in my car and drive the 500 miles to her house and go see Twilight with her. I would do it too, if gas were cheaper. You see, none of my other friends would read the books. Miriam says they rot your brain pfft!

So here I am, a Twilighter with no pack, no coven of my own Twilighters. I am an outcast. Should I go to the theater, sit all by my lonesome and watch a movie about being part of the pack? All by myself?

What is a Twilight girl to do?


  1. If you like it THAAAAT much... then yeah - go see it!

    Me? I'll go with you to see Madagascar 2 or something. Hehehehahahahaha!

  2. Okay, I can't help but notice the time of day (or night)that you and our mututal good friend are posting. Maybe the dilema would be a little less foggy if your brain was not sleep deprived! Anyhow I digress. Hmmm, what to do, what to do. Personally, I'm with Miriam on this one. And I know you probably won't go alone. Any friends who would go with you and pretend to like it, or go just because they need a break? Any break. They don't actually have to watch the movie. They could take a nap!

  3. Yep! Go. There will be lots of people there, and you might meet some fellow twighlight-geeks! I mean fans. I've gone to movies by myself lots, and not ones that I have been waiting for as much as you've been waiting for this. Seriously. Go.

  4. if i could remember which ones they were, I would link them to you. I have read AT LEAST a dozen blogs this week of women who are going alone... my bff's husband REFUSES to go with her. I feel bad because I'm going in a small group.

    i started going to movies alone when I worked at hope house and needed the break. Then, my job sort of demands it. By now I've seen thousands of movies alone and it's no big deal. :)

    Rots your brain? possibly... But it's so worth it.

  5. My 12 year old son got me hooked on the books. Stayed up, missed many nights of sleep with a newborn turning the pages as quietly as I could, as to not wake the baby.

    Have seriously thought about driving the short 3 hour drive to Forks.

    My son is heading to a showing tomorrow. I'll wait for the weekend and brave the lines.

    Let's hear it for Twilight Moms!!!

  6. I love to go to the movies alone. I am perplexed, kindly, by the hesitancy to do so.

    Popcorn all to yourself. Laugh out loud and no one will know. Cry and sit in the theater as long as you like.

    Not to mention you probably get the whole CAR RIDE to yourself on the way there and back. Stereo, anyone?

    Seriously, go.

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  8. Melanie~
    Speaking for myself, I am too old to stay up late so I auto post (or schedule) my postings for 12:01 AM.

  9. You're not the odd one out. I would have to say that that would be....ahem....me.
    I have not even so much as touched a book, nor even knew anything about it until I saw the movie trailer online.

    But yeah...movie by yourself, car ride in peace. Almost doesn't get much better than that.


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