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Goings on::

Wow! I had nothing to say yesterday and I had the highest number of visits to my blog...EVER! A record breaking 85 visitors! I am reeling, slightly...

What does that mean, exactly?

I write and few read it. Is the blog O'sphere against me? I don't write and they come pouring in. Is the cosmic pull of the universe going to dump me on my bloggy little head?

If I write it, will they come??

Moving on now.

I first thought I would share all the funny things going on around the farm.
Nope, to boring.
Then I thought to tell of the excruciating pain I am experiencing lately.
Whoa, too depressing.
It occurred to me that I might share of my recent dishwasher from heaven.
Too, weird.
The dog story?
Too sad.
Chicken news?
Thrift finds?
No pictures.

THAT"S IT! Nano! Nation Novel Writing Month. I have unofficially taken on this project as well as the nablopomo. I know, crazy. Like I don't have anything to do, right? What can I say, I like a good challenge. And I'm cracked.

Without further adieu I give you my Nano excerpt.

Morning came painfully slow to the forest floor. The darkness, a greedy beast, was not easily convinced to leave. The Sun must sing her lullaby to the Night Beast.

The faint pink blush of morning light crept carefully from its resting place in the east. The light grew slowly, moving over the mountain ridge, laying its pink face on the earth below. Building in intensity as it grew, the sun spread its warm fingers, stretching after a long night of rest. The new dawn chased the Night Beast from Althea's fitful slumber, bringing her slowly awake.

What do you think??


  1. Lovely and beautifully descriptive! Write on!

  2. I think you are flat-out amazing. Four children, Nano and Nablo, homeschool, farmchickiness and all. Amazing.

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed that your computer will agree with all this writing!! So, what happens next huh? huh??

  4. Lexie~
    I can't tell you...it's a secret.



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