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Just a blog at twilight.....

So. Today I was at the local library and just happened to ask if any of my books had come in. Guess what? One of the many books I have on order was there, waiting for me. I have been waiting for a month and a half for this book to come in; checking often to see where I was on the waiting list.

Whoot-Whoot! Hooray for me!

Breaking Dawn was gently placed in my chubby little hand by the sweet librarian. (Wow, just look at those adjectives!) She snickered a comment about the movie being out soon and sent me on my way.

I admit, I wasn't all for this Vampire love story bit but at the strong urging (the gift of the first book) from my friend Misty, I gave it a shot.

I must also admit, I had been in a reading funk as of late. Nothing felt right. I just couldn't seem to get immersed into the depths of the stories. Try as I might, I just had not found a good book to read.

Then came Twilight.

I voluntarily climbed aboard the Love Boat and sailed for Forks, WA. I stepped from the ship into the shallow waters and was instantly sucked beneath the waves. I felt myself floating, then bobbing along with the characters and loved every drippy minute.

I plowed right through to Book Two: New Moon. (For which I have my loving husband to thank. One night he came home and asked me if there was going to be a new moon tonight, to which I replied: I dunno. And he handed me the book. What a man!)

Toward the end of the new moon I felt myself start to loose faith in my doggie paddle. I was starting to drown. The characters were too much for me to keep afloat.

Then came Book Three: Eclipse. (Yes, I was lame enough to ask my hubby if there was going to be an Eclipse soon. And yes he did finally buy me the book.)

This one lost me. It took forever to finish. I had a hard time not giving up, not sinking to the briny depths with the rest of the characters. It just went too far. And I was tired of swimming.

This brings us to today.

I have securely fastened my life vest. I have packed some snacks in case I get lost at sea. I am ready to again board the Love Boat and venture out to sea, to Forks.

I have great hopes that I won't jump ship or accidentally get bitten by a gorgeous vampire, but who knows.....


  1. i am REALLY curious to see what you think of this book. I hated it. A lot actually...

    Wow... Dick Daring really is the sweetest. That new moon thing is true Edward Cullen style romance right there...

  2. LOL @ all your silliness. Have fun on the boat, and if you don't come back soon I'll send someone out for you!

  3. Thanks Lex! You are a real friend!

  4. But don't let Misty's opinion sway yours ;)

    Have fun reading. Don't let the dishes pile up!

  5. I'm so glad you'll be participating in the SHINE! Challenge for NaBloPoMo! I'll look forward to reading your blog throughout the month of November. :)

  6. Happy reading my friend... who cares if your sink is smiling?! HAH... I love giving someone else permission to shirk cleaning house ... tee hee! Don't rock the boat, Baby!


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