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Friday: Week in the Life

If you are wondering where my regular witty and mind blowing blog post have gone, don't dismay. I am participating in the Week in the Life Challenge, put on by Ali Edwards-scrapbook diva. If you would like to learn more check out Ali's site or see my explanation here. All regularly scheduled whining will resume on Monday.

3 October 08

  • Darling husband let me sleep in.
  • Stuffiness still abounds.
  • Still raining.
  • Darling hubbs landed the Cessna plane that has been circling my computer for the last week.
  • My darling declares he has hair envy. He says I have fabulous morning hair.
  • Kiss hubby.
  • Kids did morning chores, brought in 3 eggs. All is well in farm land.
  • Darling dearest fixed internet connection problem. God love the man!
  • Made sweet hubby extra large mug of coffee w/extra creamer
  • Darling Dick Daring is my hero.
  • Dick Daring blogs. Alert the masses.
  • For school: made kids practice Geography Songs, Creative Writing, free reading.
  • My brother took pity on our one computer family and built us a spare.
  • Head to town to pick up computer. Yahooo!
  • Made up new words to “I’ve got Peace like a River”
  • Laughed hysterically.
  • Ate lunch from the 99 cent heart attack menu at Burger King.
  • My brother has acquired a new baby. Bro now has 2 turtles: Big Foot and Little Foot.
  • Kids ogled turtles.
  • Head-Strong Boy begged to play “Rockband2”
  • Head-Strong's wish is granted. For 20 minutes HE was a Rock Star!
  • Visited my Mom for a minute. She is sick with nasty cold too.
  • Got Mom bottle of Blackberry Brandy.
  • Stopped at Wal-Mart for Head-Strong’s hunting license. Rifle season starts tomorrow.
  • Listened to Glen Beck. Loved his idea of the "sleepy time bill".
  • Arrived home tired and road weary.
  • Found the dog had broken through chicken fence again! DOG!!!
  • Put everyone in jammies and plugged in ‘Bed knobs and Broomsticks’.
  • Made tea and toast.
  • Blogged.
  • Ready for bed.


  1. See? Good thing he brought that creamer home.

  2. Rock Band 2 is not an option for us Wii owners yet. how was it???

    sounds like a good day all in all. My own husband (Dick Daring's trusty wood cutting sidekick) is a little upset because, good morning hair or not, I'm chopping mine off...

    Will you make me a steaming mug of coffee???

    P.S... I do believe I forgot to tell you. went with friend to see Sisterhood again... (She hadn't seen it) and is entirely new experience when no cantankerous old men are behind you!

    P.S.S. Spare computers should come before spare tires...

    new words to Peace Like a River.

    Are they blogable?

  4. Also, good hair duly noted and causing much green envy in blogland.

  5. Oh my word... ditto on "hair envy"

    Miriam and I must think alike as I wondered about the lyrics too!! tee hee

    ps: i LOVE turtles... thanks for that pic!

    thank God for coffee & creamer =D sometime i'll have to send you my story on getting milk for latte ... my guys aren't old enuf to drive.

  6. Good for you, I was going to do this & but didn't. I really need to do though!

    In 2006, I did that page a day in April, with a 6 x 12 scrapbook. It is one of my favorite albums.

    This project is very similar but quicker & more detailed.


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