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"De...plane! De, plane!~"

So, the thing is....(sorry Barb I had to steal it just this once*grin*)

Yesterday, my brain went numb. It was either all of the Dr. Pepper I drank over the weekend, sending my Dr.P free system into shock....or....it was the Cessna airplane nosies coming from my computer tower.

Either way, brain is numb. Still.

Where was I?

Oh, yeah. As if, things weren't bad enough, having a busted computer lazing around for 2 weeks waiting to be waited on hand and foot fixed. Then the blasted Cessna computer gets to spend a week with my computer jockey. Now, the dang fan, or fans as the case my well be, decide to take flight. Where they plan to go is any one's guess. Maybe they have a trip to the Bahama's in the works. What ever the plan my be, the plane is ready.

"De...plane. De, plane!~"

So my plane plan was to enlighten you all on the giveaway. But ....the noises! And the plane....make the hurting stop!

OK, so in my defense, I thought someone would get it right off the bat. I really was sure the answer was too cheesy. That being said...

  1. I swear in several different languages~ Indeed it is true. When I do swear that is, it's my lame attempt a protecting the ears of my children. I just found out, however, that the name of our dog is a swear word in Spanish. Nice, eh?
  2. I don't use Shampoo~ It is true! I have been poo free for months now. I use baking soda and vinegar (I make it smell nice). I am loving this method. My hair is shiny and curly and my head is no longer itchy. I read about this over at Angry Chicken's place.
  3. I own 8 pair of cowboy boots~ Umm, yeah. I did say that prairie skirts and cowboy boots were and obsession of mine. I will put up a picture of them later today, if I don't forget.
  4. I eat incredibly slow~Some of you have seen me eat. For the rest of you....I. Eat. Incredibly. S.L.O.W!
  5. I sleep with one eye open~Very annoying, but 100% true.
  6. I sing Opera~ Yup! Verdi is my favourite. My drama instructor taught me.
  7. I wanted to be an Actress when I grew up~ The only plan had for growing up was to be famous. I wanted to be a Broadway star!
  8. The name of the town I was born in is named after The New York Sheep Shippers Association~ This is the falsie! I was born in a town called Nyssa. Supposedly a huge sheep town, started by a sheep mogul from N.Y. Rumor was, Nyssa was an acronym for New York Sheep Shippers/Shearers Assoc. but history says that the mogul let his daughter name the town. She just happened to be studying about St. George of Nyssa. And so a town was named on the whim of a child.
  9. I am afraid of the dark~ I am a scaredy pants. It is worse when I am outside, in the dark. Creeps me out just thinking about it. (sorry J & J)
  10. My secret boyfriend is Patrick Dempsey, has been since 1985~ Well. What can I say? It was the hair. I have been in love with that hair for 2 decades. It all started with 'Heaven Help Us' then there was 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High' right straight to 'Can't buy me love'. Just look at that hair.


  1. My second guess. It was way too elaborate to be true! Ugh.

  2. Clever ... far too intellectually exhausting for someone like me - who like simple ways to win... dangit! ok! i'm over that now.

    still, will ya post pix of your creations -- i show u mine if u show urs....?

    (uhh--3 to be exact)

  3. I'm sorry I missed out on this...
    I would have guessed the Patrick Dempsey thing, because secretly, He's MINE!! LOL
    I remember the first time I saw him on Gray's... I was like, "that's the same dork that was in Can't Buy Me Love?! What a HOTTIE!!"
    I really appreciate you bringing back my Tattoo memories... I never missed Fantasy Island- Saturday night was definitely TV night! I can still sing the theme from the Love Boat... another one of my amazing talents...

  4. i did almost guess that...

    I knew patrick dempsey would be true. i still love him in Can't buy me love. I think it's funny that he was the nerd boy in the 80's then missing and now everyone's lust obsession... Go figure.

  5. Saucy knows now why you were drawn to her blog. You are a Dr. Pepper lover, too. We have to stick together, baby.


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