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Thursday: Week in the Life

2 October 08

  • Shaken awake by cold toddler. “Let me in mama.’
  • Coffee! Yippee!
  • Ugh! Cereal again.
  • Morning chores find one of the meat birds sluggish.
  • It rained in the night, kids are eager to play in the mud.
  • Kids chased each other around the house on bikes for hours.
  • Fielded call from Web Academy. Meeting scheduled for next Tue.
  • I worked on school stuff.
  • Kids worked on school stuff: same as yesterday.
  • Pay bills.
  • Need to update budget.
  • Blogged yesterdays Week in the life.
  • Showered and dressed by noon! WhooHOO!
  • Lunch: corn dogs.
  • Run to grocery for said corn dogs.
  • Torrential rains start upon our leaving said grocery.
  • Kids stand in torrential rains, bewildered.
  • Greasy, nitrate extravaganza consumed. Nap time.
  • While kids rest, I tackle Craft Room.
  • Crank up some Across the Universe and Mama Mia Soundtracks.
  • Throw open windows to let in fresh rain scent.
  • Wait ever so (NOT) patiently for Hubby to arrive home to move furniture into my Craft Room.
  • Still waiting…..
  • Hubby and Head-Strong fixed chicken fence AGAIN!
  • Hubb’s made a guess as to why we aren’t getting any eggs. He thinks the dog is stealing eggs. Decides to bait the dog. Blasted dog snatched up the egg in a heart beat!
  • oooooooooooooooooo7ytrrwq1111111111111111111234566677780-‘o8…..contributed by Head-Long.
  • Furniture is in Craft Room! Tomorrow: sort & situate.
  • Going to Farm Suite Farm for a girls night; movies, tea and from scratch brownies are in order.
  • Movie Review: Winter Solstice
*Miriam: "It was like 'October Road' on Quaaludes" (who can top that, really?)
*Katie: "Like being poked in the eye....painful, but the brownies were good!"


  1. Do you get brownies when you get poked in the eye? Or just when you must endure painfully slow angsty movie?

    I wanna get brownies for all minor injuries and wasted time. One time I got brownies for returning my neighbor's Dachshund. Bad dog. Good brownies. Bad movie. Good brownies. See where I'm going?

  2. Bad dog! Amazing brownies. Must make brownies....


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