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A week in the life...

A few days ago, I recieved my monthly newsletter from my favourite scrapbooking gal Ali Edwards. She is offering up a new challenge this week. (And I just couldn't resist.)

Photograph a week in the life of you and yours!
Here's how it works.

For one week take daily photo's of the "daily" stuff. Journal the going's on of your daily stuff and viola' you have all the makings of a great scrapbook.

I am a little slow getting my pictures up but I have a good excuse, what with catching the Black Plague from Barb. (I Love you Barb!) :)

Go check out Ali's blog for more info and idea's.

Be Inspired!

Here's mine for Monday 29 September '08

Only got in two pictures today. Hope to be feeling better tomorrow and have more energy for camera usage.

  • Got up late. Feeling sick. Sore throat and head cold.
  • Toasted English Muffins, opened jar of applesauce for an easy breakfast.
  • Lounged on couch with coffee.
  • Talked to Miriam.
  • Read books
  • Watched T.V. with kids
  • Made Ramen for lunch. Kids thought it was a celebration. We haven't had Ramen for ages.
  • Whined to Miriam.
  • Smashed my hand in my new trunk while trying to peek inside.
  • Cried to Miriam.
  • Slacked the afternoon away.
  • Managed to make the most amazing Minestrone Soup for dinner, despite broken fingers.
  • Fern made biscuits.
  • Enjoyed evening of relaxation and reading.
  • Went to bed way too late despite putting kids in at 8:15.
This is the life!

30 September 08

Ack! The sickness is progressing. Sore throat is bad today.
  • Woke early.
  • Movie for kids.
  • Cold cereal for breakfast~Bran Flakes of glory!
  • Tried to start school~ no avail.
  • Whined to Miriam.
  • Chickens loose before coffee...not good.
  • Chased chickens out of garden. ARG! Chickens have demolished garden. Entire winter bed has been tilled. All of the lettuce is gone. *sob* I found one solitary patty pan squash that hadn't been pecked.
  • Cried to Miriam.
  • Repaired chicken fence.
  • Coffee....ahhh!
  • Again with the chickens! Dog is burrowing under fence.
  • Call Miriam, tried to convince her that she needs a dog!
  • Repair fence again~in jammies.
  • Notice shoddy condition of rabbit bedding~Change.
  • Fight urge to vomit.
  • Farming sucks.
  • Animals all tucked in tight with fresh bedding.
  • Kids are hungry, lunch time. Tuna.
  • Put kids down to "rest and read".
  • Shower and put on CLOTHES!
  • Nap.
  • Start dinner. Shake and Bake Chicken w/rice and veggies.
  • Eat.
  • Hubby tells stories about guys from work. Some guy got fired for crashing his dump truck into a cement roller. New position open.
  • Trying to meet deadline of 'Home' photo project. Stress.
  • Call Miriam, beg her to give me idea's for 'Home' project. She refuses. Poop!
  • Came up with an idea on my own. Execute photo shoot.
  • Sent off pic's. Feel good.
  • Hubby put kiddo's to bed. Read stories to the girls.
  • I caught up on some blogs.
  • Made a button for the 5K Project. Mrs. G thinks it's "perfect". (she likes me, she likes me!)
  • Emailed with Misty till 2am. Yikes!
  • Off to bed far too late.


  1. Care to share your minestrone recipe? I'm into soups these days and have declared Monday "SOUP DAY" around the wagner household...

    Sorry about your fingers. :(

    Gen believes Ramen is a celebratory dinner as well. I tell her "oh, wait til college, kid!"

  2. Misty
    Ugh! It was hard to choke down the Ramen but the kids ate 6 packages!


  3. Your days sound strangely familiar... how do you ever have TIME to homeschool?!?! I can't even "homework" without riot gear.

    *sigh* Don't read my blog today - you'll think it's all too familiar. LOL

  4. Lex~
    See your crappy blog post and I raise ya, 2 dead chickens and 12 boxes of tissues.

    Oh the joy!

  5. I'm tired reading it... and you're low energy while sick and functioning that well. You are amazing!

    Uh-huh. Really!

    I just posted my pix from a week ago ... feel better?

    AND I'm jealous that you chat with Miriam throughout your day... *sigh*!

    I live vicariously through you my dear sista!

    =) thanks!

  6. Oh Jolene, such is the life of a farmgirl. The chatting probably is not such a good thing for getting much done.....good thing I am such a great multi-tasker. :)


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