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5k Update

A while back Mrs. G started the 5k A** Project. So did I. I haven't been very faithful in posting my progress in the challenge but have made some headway non-the-less.

**I am having a hard time getting the computer to talk to the components or I would include pictures. Maybe by next week I will have something to post.**

Here are my current stats:

Weight:: 196 (not bad considering I have major PMS right now)
Still working out 3-4 times weekly
I have lost one pant size and have had to move up 3 notches on my belt.

I have changed some things in my diet:

Dr. Pepper free for 2 weeks solid.
Cut bread (good grainy stuff) intake to just 2 slices per day
Up'd water consumption

I am alternating between a heavy meal and a lite meal plan. By this I mean, one or two days a week I eat a little more than I normally would (ie: extra snacks, more protein) for a heavy meal day. One to two days a week I eat less and try to keep it lite, no heavy or greasy stuff. The rest of the week I eat just what ever and try not to over eat. Supposedly this plan is good for jump starting the metabolism and helps avoid diet burn out.

If I sound less than excited about all of this accomplishment, it is only the PMS talking. Pay no attention to the PMS. I am so grouchy right now, the only thing that will make me happy is the consumption of an entire pan of brownies.... for breakfast. :D

And just for your reading pleasure, I am including the comment my mom left me concerning my 5k endeavor, because it's freaking hilarious.

"Girls this is all too much. You have no idea; Mrs G's cute little squished up ass didn't motivate me to any where but laughter. So I marched my self to the mirror and I took pictures of what you're all going to look like when you're 70 and I'm warning you that it's enough to motivate God back into the creation mode. ( for which I'm anxiously awaiting) In the mean time someone made a law against such drastic motivation so you will all have to use your imagination, if you're brave enough to run the risk of blowing a fuse."

Thanks mom! Just the mental image of you trying to take a picture of your own butt...priceless!


  1. Your mom is so funny. Maybe that's where you get it from.

    Great job on the 5K progress. You are looking mah-ve-lous.

  2. You have motivated me to actually go check out the 5k post/challenge by Mrs. G. I am not, however, committing to anything at this time! I just need to make that clear.

    You and your mom, and all the chick-a-dees are funny. I missed out on that when God was handing out funny bones.

  3. Just how, may I ask, does one give up Dr Pepper? Is it even possible? Maybe if I took a photo of my backside, I'd learn the secret!!

  4. Go Katie!!! We weigh the same amount-I'd like to lose twenty pounds and call it a day.

    Good for you for giving up the Dr. P's. My aunt is addicted to them and I am trying to get her to cut back to one a day.

    The diet DP isn't bad. But it ain't great either. But fine when you need a cold caffeine rush.

    Good luck, kiddo.

  5. I'd love to be under 200. Maybe by this time next year?
    Motivation can be tough to come by, but you just did a great job passing it out as a free gift.
    Cheers! :)



  6. Thanks girls for all of your kind and encouraging words.

    Keep 'em coming! :D


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