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5k Project


OK so, here goes. Mrs. G started a challenge. Katie accepted said challenge. Katie is a chicken.

Mrs. G is hardcore. Katie is a chicken.

Mrs. G wants updates and pictures. Yup, you guessed it I. Am. A. Big. FAT. Chicken. (mmmm, chicken...with mashed potatoes and.....crap! Must snap out of it! Focus!)

Mrs. G has a desire to run a 5k Marathon. Katie has no such desire but does not want to be old, fat and out of shape, any more.

Mrs. G is on vacation. Katie is not. Katie is not having any fun. WHATSOEVER!

***Deep breath****

I am such a chicken that just writing this post is giving me an anxiety attack. (he..he..whoooo....I knew that Lamaze breathing would come in handy some day)

So for all the world to see here is my stats:

  • Height: 5'8"
  • Frame: Med.
  • Weight: way too freaking much
  • OK real weight: 202lbs
  • Supposed healthy weight for my height and build: 125-135 Sha! RIGHT! like maybe when I was 12.

Just a little back-story:

I got a little fed up with the way my wardrobe was fitting around about Thanksgiving time. I decided that I would try to reduce my weight but just not eating so much. It seemed that I was stressed out and pacifying myself with food. I would eat till I was stuffed! I then weighed about 240 (238 to be exact). So my big plan was to just cut everything I ate in half and only eat half of it. This worked wonders. I had a sense of accomplishment at my new found willpower and in the process lost almost forty pounds come January. However, since January I have stayed right close to the 200 mark, give or take a bloat or two. Obviously my calories in/calories burned ratio is off.

I am pear shaped and carry my weight on my butt and thighs. Although I have recently developed a new chin (or two) that has been driving me mad! I used to get compliments on my long slender neck. ' A neck like a ballerina' they would say. Not any more. This is the last straw. (read: Now, one might have thought that the last straw would have been when I got my butt stuck in a chair (w/arms) at church once. This was not the case. Just cause for more chocolate consumption. Not good the the butt reduction.)

Once, a long time ago, I took matters into my own hands and tried the Body for Life program. This was one hardcore program but I did it and achieved great results. That was however, before I blew out my knee and had two more kids. And got old.

***I will dig around and see if I can find the before and afters from the BFL program, while I contemplate whether or not I can take pictures of myself now.***


  • To set a healthy example for my kids.
  • To have more energy.
  • To be able to buy clothes off the rack that I know will fit.
  • To build up the strength in my bum knee so that I don't have another bad fall.
  • To have a healthy heart.
  • To achieve physical fitness and be healthy so that I will (hopefully) live a long and disease free life.

I will try to do updates weekly but can't make any guarantee's 'cuz I am flighty like that.


  1. 1. I think you're cool.
    2. I know you can do this.
    3. I'm posting my 5K stuff in the sidebar later today.

  2. I think you are great, Kl...

    Check your email.

  3. You can so TOTALLY do this. I had no idea you were EVER around 240! That's MY territory, and I refuse to let my friends enter it! Ok, so keep going. I'm rooting for you. I want to be you.
    You don't have want a 5k to want to be a healthy Mom.

  4. oh you ARE brave. I am still at the 5'8" 230-240...ish place and I have not yet found the motivation. sigh

    I am trying to eat healthier tho. it is so hard

  5. Way to go! While I'm not training for 5K (still too chicken to be dead last five hours after the previous last) I will still feel aches and pains with you and celebrate successes with you. Looking forward to pictures at the finish line of the 5K.

  6. Girls this is all to much. you have no idea; Mrs G's cute little squished up ass didn't motivate me to any where but laughter. So I marched my self to the mirror and I took pictures of what your all going to look like when your 70 and I'm warning you thats enough to motivate God back into the creation mode.( for which I'm anxiously awaiting) In the mean time some one made a law against such drastic motivation so you will all have to use your imagination (if your brave enough to run the risk of blowing a fuse)

  7. You go Mama!!!

    You know, I lost 30 pounds a while back and felt so fantastic. I wasn't skinny, just average. Clothes fit great, I was no longer in the plus section. I felt, well ME, finally.

    And then I got lazy and gained 20 of them back. The result? More laziness and self pity and more eating. Bluh. Such a vicious cycle.
    Maybe you'll inspire me out of my chickenness :-)

  8. Thanks gals for all of the encouragement! It really means the world to me.



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