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Got Straw?

So yesterday was a Monday to beat all Monday's in my book. After the toilet water incident, the day only got better. By better I mean, my children were on their best behavior, if you like to watch the U.F.C. (read: Ultimate Fighting something; basically this is a beat the bah-gee-beez outta some dude, show) fights.

Needless to say I was on my last nerve by the time dinner rolled around. I gave a trite report of the days activities to my Inspector and started making noodles for dinner. As I had spent all of my energy being referee, dinner was a no fan fare deal.

After the kitchen was cleaned up and the dishwasher started, children were sent to their rooms to ponder the actions of the day.

When I heard our dishwasher groan and complain, I thought nothing of it. The beast has been on its last leg for quite some time now. But, this noise was slightly different.

As I sat sipping my tequila tea, I decided that the sounds emanating from the kitchen were of a "somethings wrong" sort. Reluctantly I left my serene spot on the couch, to venture toward the garage band sounds echoing from the dishwasher.

I was slightly shocked and amazed at the scene that lay before me.

My first thought was "Wow, I guess it really is broken".
Then, thinking back on the morning incident: "Man, I guess there really is enough soap".
This is the kitchen floor last night:
(didn't I just ask for some one to mop the floor?)
This is the dishwasher as of this morning:
(still foaming at the mouth)
And this is the (invisible) bottle of dishwasher detergent that my oldest, extremely intelligent, teen-age man child, claimed he could not find. He was unable to locate the soap, that was right on TOP of the dishwasher! Notice the proximity to the dishwasher its self? In a fit of brilliance, my son chose to fill both soap dispensers with Extra Strength Joy dish soap.

Here is "the straw that broke the camels back"....

It was just a lucky strike that I had just washed all of the bath towels we own. They were sitting freshly laundered in my ever so finicky washing machine. I am sure that the towels knew what was required of them, for they willingly mopped up the masses of sudsy water with out a complaint. They sit in their now soiled state, in the washer that refuses to WASH. (insert curse words here)

Yes friends, my day only got better and better.

I finished off the day watching the most depressing enlightening movie of my life and sipping tequila hot tea.

I am hoping that today will be a better day!?!


  1. Yeah, I can totally empathize. Last week I called the air condition guy, the washer guy and the plumber guy, all within three days. And the plumber came on the 4th of July. Luckily he is a family friend and was very nice to us!

  2. well my friend, let us band together to trade this week in on a new one. I feel, truthfully, we deserve it. From the sounds of many of the posts I'm reading, we wouldn't be alone...

    and depressing in deed. perhaps not the best timing for you, but sooo beautiful. I love the camera work!

  3. I must add...
    Yesterday your post began "There is not enough soap in the entire world!!"

    (Those were your exclamation points. Apparently you really meant it.)

    Be very careful what you ask for.

  4. Okay, so my standing comment to my children is this . . .if you have a bright idea, just don't. It goes right along with the famous words of Princess Atta . .Help, don't Help!

  5. HOLY COW!!! Whatta bubbly mess... my dishwasher did that once too, and it was after the kids tossed in an extra dishwasher tablet. LOL At least it was SOAP and not TOILET BUBBLES or something worse, right? I mean... Anyway, I'll shut up and stop giggling. Hope you've had better days and a shinier floor since then!


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