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Golden Tresses

Several weeks ago, I learned that my oldest niece had donated her hair to Locks for Love. After seeing the mini photo shoot of the big hair chop and learning the reason behind it, Fern decided that she too, would donate her hair.

It has been several weeks now since she first made mention of it. In the interim, we shared the news with our goodhearted farm-girlfriends, who also decided that they had plenty hair to share. The gaggle of girls (along with their mothers) have been making plans for the big event: how would they look, where would they get it cut, would the newspaper come (would they let us write the article and include shameless plugs for our blogs)??

It just so happened that the best laid plans of farmgirls and their mothers are thrown by the wayside when The Mother-in-Law gets involved. The Farm Suite girls all got their hairs cut last weekend whilst their Abuela was here for a visit. Now us grown girls know, that you can't buck The Mother-in-Law but my poor Fern had a time of it for a few days. She moped around, wondering if she would still donate her hair. Whimpering that it wouldn't be the same with out her best girlfriends....Then all of a sudden, she snapped out of it! She wanted me to cut it right away!

So with a little help from the Boone's Family, I got right on that.

Courage in a bottle was the only thing that kept me from displaying the mayhem I was feeling. I was a little boat full of hair fixing memories, on the verge of crashing into the cliffs. I had to fight back the tears at the thought of no more Laura Ingalls braids. I was scared that my sweet little girl would suddenly look all growed up.

Here is Fern, pre-hair cut. Her hair was down past her waist.

Let me just say that it took my sweet little Fern six, yes 6 years to grow out her hair. Six years of only the teensiest little trims. Six long years of piggy and pony tails, french braids and messy buns, ballerina buns, Saddle Club hair do's and Heidi hair.

Her hair is so fine that I thought she
should send more than the required 10 inches (what was I thinking??) so, she and I agreed on 15 inches. (Holy cow, honey bring me another drink)

As I was struggling (all of my hair cutting scissors were dull as a butter knife) through the actual cutting of her hair, I tried to think of the beautiful gift my child was willing to give. My little girl was giving a beautiful gift to someone. she didn't even know. My baby girl gave of herself in ways that made my head spin. ( OK so, maybe that was the alcohol, but hey I am on a roll here)

My little girl, made a very big girl decision and I love her so much for that.

Saint's preserve me, I feel light headed....


  1. Oh my goodness! I think the right term is OMG, but hey I still live in the world that uses real language. It is SO CUTE! She still looks like a very sweet (the term is used liberally) little girl. You are a very brave mamma.

  2. She looks adorable!

    Way to go Fern! And Mamma.

  3. It does grow her up, but she looks completely lovely! Good job, mom! WE so have to trust our babies and their hearts- and darn it- that just stinks sometimes...
    Here's to courage in a bottle!

  4. oh she looks lovely.

    thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. LOVE the new do! She's so purty no matter what her hair is doing... way to go girlie! (Are you next, KL?? LOL)


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