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Busy as a bee...

I kinda have a lot going on these days;

Relatives and friends visiting, Exposing myself, gardening, anniversaries ( Happy Anniversary to me!) and birthdays ( Happy Birthday to Miss D), play dates, swim lessons and Taekwondo, trying not to forget to do SOME form of math with the kids, animal care, trips to town, caring for my mother-in-law's garden, and the list goes on…..

So, here I sit.....blogging. I have a million and a half things to do, namely an apron to make, and yet here I am sitting at the computer. Is this really a waste of time or just cheap therapy?? I am going to go with the therapy notion.

Here is a short list of the progress I am making in the Exposé moi department:

I found a large rectangular basket that will fit on the shelf in my kitchen, I would show you pictures but I broke my card reader and the computer won’t read the SD card from the camera. So….I have that to freak out about. Hopefully you can just imagine my nice neat basket, sitting on the lovely silver shelf, sans plastic clutter. It is a site to behold. Now if I could only get someone to mop the floor…….hmmm.

Now that the kitchen is under control I will be moving into the master bedroom. It just happens to be the dumping ground for all the STUFF that no one knows what to do with. Remember my wondrous description of it? How could you forget? In case you need reminded, go here.

So to start things off I am going to Goodwill a bunch of clothes (this will also lighten the clutter in the laundry room), shoes and (ouch) books. This will be hard so, I need all the support you dear reader, have to offer. You see, I like my clothes, shoes and (yowza) books. I could clothe and home school a hundred kids, no problem. Since I only have four children, I need to purge a bit…..

Next I will tackle the desk that resides in my bedroom. There is a bunch of paperwork to be filed laying on the desk and the adjoining book shelves.

Once I have the room in general, under control, I really want to cute things up a bit. There is nothing hanging on the vast expanse of wall. I need to remedy this. Not sure yet how, as I have all of the cool art in the living room. I just might have to paint something…(I don’t think this falls within the removing clutter plan).

Well there you have it. I am one busy lady. Better go...git-er-dun.


  1. OooH! Make a quilted wall hanging for the blank bedroom wall. This will take care of some fabric clutter too.

    See how I turn a purge into a good thing? ;)

  2. I don't know. honestly I think things would get better if you just found something to do.

    oh. wait.


    So, even if Blogging is a waste of time, it's a well deserved break?

  3. hehe gitterdone... we say that way too much here..
    i'm always working on unexposing myself.. lol.. or exposing.. depends on which way you look at it!


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