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Fabulous Friday

Fern stayed over (Thursday) with Maddy and Sarah. At some point in the evening as Fern was trotting around the girls room, she got tangled in a blanket, fell forward onto the bed, hit her mouth on the lamp and broke half of her front tooth off. YIKES!! When I heard the story I was slightly freaked out. She wasn't in pain and didn't seem to be bothered by this mishap one bit. Miriam was freaked out and had thought that she should have looked for the shard of tooth.

Miriam and I had planned a movie day for Spring Break. We had snacks galore, which we shoved into the most inconspicuous (HUGE) purses. We set out a little later than planned but alas all was not lost. The movie had changed to a later time. We shuffled ourselves into the theatre to see the much anticipated " Enchanted". It was all we hoped it would be.

After the movie let out we rushed Fern over to see Dr. Rita, our dentist. Maddy and Sarah stayed with me and Fern. Miriam took Fidget and Grace with her to the baby's checkup. Dr. Rita fixed Fern right up and you wouldn't even know she had a chunk of tooth missing.

Fidget and Grace had a hay day tearing up all the magazines in the doctors office, much to the embarrassment of my dear friend. At this point we are both a bit frazzled!! We decide that we need a mommy time out!!

Somehow we manage to offload 6 little girls on the EGE (thank you so much EGE!!) so that we can go see "27 Dresses", a movie which we have been waiting months to see. We dawdle too long talking to out friend Kerri and are late to the early showing, which is already sold out. This is just not our day! We commit to the 10:25 showing and buy the tickets on the spot. With a couple of hours to kill we decide to scout out the Goodwill and get some food.

I found this amazing fabric, a killer pair of shoes that I him'd and haw'd about, and some shoes for the boys.

Fainting from low blood sugar, we make our way across the street for Wendy's, only to be lied to by the employees. Wendy's does not have Ketchup, never has evidently. Umm, WHATEVER! Fast food workers!! Finally with some food in hand we start off for the theatre, wildly munching hot fries.

The movie was well worth the 5 month wait, and so was the super long day and even longer night. It was icy and cold when the movie let out. We got Dutch Bro's from Dracula boy, man the night shift is weird! Note to self: don't buy coffee at 2am.

Whew, what a great finish for a Fabulous Friday!

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