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Here is a bouquet I picked just for you, dear reader. Isn't it just lovely? The little daisy like flowers of the Feverfew plant always succeed in making me smile. I hope that it brings a smile to your face as well.
As well as a nice little bouquet, I have some blogs to share with you. Some of you may have heard of these places before but most of them are new to me so I thought I would play nice and share.
  • Mrs. G at Derfwad Manor~not for the faint of heart. Hilarious, and well, hilarious.
  • Angry Chicken~this authoress is my new guru. A sewing blog with lots of other cool stuff thrown in for fun.
  • Blue Yonder~Stephani is a fun loving, homeschool mom and she just put up a recipe for Jack Daniels Pie...hello, can we say YUM'O?!
  • Dana at The Old Red Barn Co.~ just plain cool. A must see and a must enter. She is giving away the most adorable quilt. I would encourage you to go check it out but that would lower my own chances of winning.....ummm, forget I told you about that contest K?? NO! Wait, go check it out. No. Yes. OK, I give up!
  • The Replacers~this is The Inspector Generals new blog. I got tired of him leaving comments in my name, so I told him to get off his tookus and get a life blog. He is trying to get me to use the moniker, Agent K. What do you think?? Should I bow to his wishes?? Either way, visit his page and leave him a comment because let me tell you a secret~he has been readin' all y'alls blog posts...yup.
  • Soule Mamma~if you haven't been here, go, run to the crafty goodness of this blog.

Well friends, that does it. Got any cool places to share?? Spread the love, baby.


  1. i love the Red Barn Co. Too!!! Shall we compete for the quilt ever gracefully???

    I went to DD's blog. I loved it! What a word Craftsman you have. I have been trying to get Chw to do a blog for YEARS! When he traveled, especially, it would have been great. But alas, he says boys don't blog. I told him, just know, that your hubby does and well- he may reform.
    If he does, maybe your hubby can then comment on his to take extra time off for the trip. At least a day...

  2. Thank you very much-daisies are my favorite flower. I look forward to check these other blogs out.

  3. KL, you rock as usual. What a good share-bear. I am too shy to comment on Mrs. G's site, let alone link to her, because I worship her and all. I will check the others out.

  4. Leaving you another comment to say I wish you had time to blog every day!

  5. I love meeting others through blogging. There is just a special bond that bloggers share with one another. Oh and the flowers...I lvoe them!!!


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