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Snow White

March 21 2008-June 24 2008
OK before any of you get the wrong idea........Snow White is (was) the white chickie in the above picture. She was the children's favorite chick. She would come running when she saw you. She loved to be snuggled and packed around. She was the sweetest chickie I have ever known. She had been a bit sluggish for a few days and was found dead on the morning of June 24.
Good-bye Snow White. We will miss you.


  1. You know I'm grimmacing as I say this... but was it a poisoned apple?

    Seriously, sorry for your loss. I bet your kids are so sad!! I know mine would be (and will be) when we lose any of ours.

  2. yeah, i'm the insensitive dork who didn't say:

    I'm sorry your chicken died.

    The pic is so cute.


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