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Before I was a Mom

Before I was a mommy……

I was 18 years young, in love and MARRIED. So, before I was a mommy I was just a kid myself.

I was really interested in being a singer/actor but never let it drive me to say, CA or NY to start a career. I was unofficially trained as an opera singer by my H.S. Choir teacher but, now am afraid to sing in public. Friends tell me all the time what a lovely voice I have. I think, the better to scream harmoniously at my children: "LEAVE YOUR SISTER. AlooooooooonE!" You know I hit the high notes with that one.

I was: a waitress, funny, skinny, a florist, a vagabond, artsy/crafty, unafraid of life. I was a free spirit. I was weird and geeky, SKINNY, loved to laugh and I liked everyone and everyone liked me, at least I thought they did, ( I guess that means that I was sorta arrogant, eh?)

I did not know how to drive. I didn't know how to manage a checkbook (Note to self: get a homeschool version of Personal Finance... And teach the kids how to drive). Worked too many jobs; jobs which I had to beg other kids to take me to because I couldn't drive. Oh, yeah I was THAT girl!

I watched Day of our Lives, religiously.

Did you catch that I was skinny?

I wore the most hideous purple Mickey Mouse T-Shirt. ALL. THE. TIME. Which I probably still have in a box of crap somewhere.

I painted and drew beautiful art work.

Before I was a mommy I was sure that being one was, NO. BIG. DEAL. Women had been rearing children for centuries. NO BIG DEAL. Wehehehehellllll! Boy was I wrong. Being a mommy has been the Biggest Deal of my Life.


  1. I love you! Pre-Mommyhood and now...

  2. You make me cry.....that is so super sweet!

    Thanks Misty!

  3. Now you know I loved you before you were a Mommy. I also loved you while you were becoming a Mommy and even after you let your kid put poop on my floor. But really - you're like a fine wine, you have gotten even more wonderful with age. I can't wait until we're Grandma's together!! Ok, I can wait... let's not rush into things.

    Come visit my page - and find the surprise I have for you!

  4. It is good to reflect on who we were, and who we've become.


    You were skinny?

  5. What a cute post!!
    I SOOOO LAUGHED at the screaming at the kids and hitting thee hight notes... ~ WOW I could hit those high notes myself!
    I LOVE what you wrote about thee rainbow bandaid. WOW... YOU KNOW WHAT? I WILL NEVER EVER FORGET THAT! MAKES me wanna go buy a whole boxful.
    Have a beeeeeautiful day!
    Smile, be happy... go ahead and SING! i WANNA HEAR YOU! HEEHEE


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