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So the sun decided to shine yesterday and I was so smart as to make a commitment to spend the day inside. SEWING. After begging for sunshine for weeks, can you imagine! I am NOT bitter, not in the slightest. :)

I spent the day sewing with, and for my girls. I thought that, at some point (HA!) the sun'll come out (TOOmorRrOW! whoa, channeling Annie there for a sec) and the temperature will rise (like, this very minute) so, why not make some (boy, I am so brilliant) sun dresses?

First we chose the music................... A little, Fiona Apple to help us get into a groovy mood.

Next we dug through the bins, and bins, and yes, more bins, for the perfect fabric.
(notice the sun streaming through my window, how wonderfully it illuminates the bins?)

Then we fluffed them in the dryer, but they still were too wrinkly, so...........

(doesn't the sun do wonders for my heap of fabric?)

I set my minion to work with the iron.

(Oh look, there, yes it is more sunshine)

Because my minion did such a good job ironing all the fabric, I let her pick out the fixin's for her dress.

She chose this cute pillowcase. YES, that's right I said pillowcase. I made my minion a dress from one of the zillions of pillowcases I have in my secret stash.

(isn't the sun shining beautifully in my back yard?)

She is very proud of her new swimsuit cover-up.

I felt this particular pillowcase has, well, the look of a pillowcase (minus the big greasy head print, of course). So for my next dress making adventure, I am going to attempt to make one from a vintage pillowcase and add some more foo-fa-rah and see if that will help make the pillowcase look less pillow-casey. Since I have only slightly less than a bazillion (this is no lie) vintage pillowcases, I am going to be making lots (well maybe, if the rain keeps up) more of these little cutie pies (mmm, did someone say PIE!). BUT, I am going to save this project for a rainy day.

(I spent a SUNNY day inside, with children, sewing things, I might have gone a little nuts, O.K.! )

Keep your eyes peeled (HERE) for my tutorial on how to turn a pair of short-alls into a super cute, overall dress.


  1. Kudos for a cute project.

    I think you have earned a Dutch Bros run after all that sewing.

    And. Um... Did your minion lose her head?

  2. ADORABLE! you are my inspiration...

    Hey... how do you get your blog name on your photos??????? please tell.

  3. Farm Suite:
    Minion lost her head! It was my fault, I chopped it right off......HA! I tried to get a good shot of the dress with her head but no such luck!

    Misty: I use ACDSee. I open the photo, add text, tweek the size, font and color, adjust the opacity, and there you have it!

    I am NEVER the one people ask how to do some computery thing......I am going to just sit here and take in this moment.......:)

  4. I'm impressed with your photo tweaking! I have just started adding my name to my FUTURE photos, especialy WFW because they get borrowed a lot.

    COOL Dress! I have been eyeballing those for weeks wondering how I could get Miss D into one before she's too big. LOL Well, I guess I'd have to learn how to sew first. BWAHAHAHAA

  5. WOW... you are a computer Geek! I don't know how to tweak anything?.... and opacity?.... sounds like an opal pair of elastic pants ta me?.... Honestly I have no idea what you were saying?! WHAT IS ACDSEE? I need some "learnin." :)
    Your dresses are darling! WOW... and one of your chicklets was IRONING... -- I had boys... need I say more?
    ENJOY your wonderful time making dresses. WHAT A BLESSING!
    Know what's funny? I was just thinking about amish friendship bread this week coz I am going to have zucchini soon and am going to make zuke bread. NOW I need to learn to make the starter for thee amish bread. Great idea! -- I like that weird smell too! Hmmm... another new thought to ponder.

  6. Lea, I can't even wrap my mind around the fact that you are going to have zukes, SOON. I haven't even been able to get anything into the sopping wet ground YET!

  7. I am two zucchini plants short now - thanks to my ravenous chickens. *sniff*


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