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Week in the Life 2014: Friday

The morning was ushered in with a homemade breakfast treat of biscuits and gravy made by the man of the house whilst the lady snoozed-cozy in her bed.  After the house was roused and the bellies filled, the boys left for a hunting excursion. Us big girls caught up on our current favorite T.V. drama (Reign-who could resist seeing "Anne" actress Megan Fellows play an evil queen?) and Fidget played.

We all napped the afternoon away and too soon it was time to dress for Harvest Halloween fun!

This was an abnormal Halloween. Normally we help set up and attend our local Harvest Party hosted by our little church.  This year as we have new leadership this event fell by the way side. All was not lost, new venues were sought out, we caught up with old friends, ate too much sugar and had an all around good time.

Also abnormal was the clear weather. After the torrential downpours earlier in the week it was nice to have a break from the dreary wetness.

Altogether it was another nice day.

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