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Week in the Life 2014: Thursday

Today was such a low key day; just the two youngest, the itchy dog and I. The little's played card games of all sorts and carved pumpkins and I made bread, tried to remember to drink my water and cleaned the kitchen. I loved listening to the little's conversations as they played and made lunch together. I loved listening to the rain pound the roof and spatter the windows. I did not love hearing the dog snort, grunt and chew her hot spots all day. I loved listening to my Spotify playlist. (These are the current favorite tunes at our house: The boy likes "Zombie" by Family Force Five, daddy likes "Ten years gone" by Led Zepplin, Fidget's favorite is "All about that Bass" 40's version, Fern likes "Rivers and Roads" by The Head and The Heart and I am singing along to "Wayfaring Stranger" by the Nashville Cast.)
At the end of the day we all ate fresh warm bread with butter, drank tea and daddy shared funny videos with the kids. I loved hearing all the laughter.

Calm days are my favorite days to remember.

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