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Week in the Life 2014: Saturday

Saturday was deliciously relaxed. My girls and I snuggled on the couch, ignoring the laundry pile, laughing hysterically at a game on Fidget's tablet called My Talking Tom. It was so silly. We would laugh, Talking Tom would copy our laughter and we would laugh more. It was totally ridiculous!

We managed to squeeze in a few house chores. My two favorite shots of the day are: the one above where my youngest child slavishly washes the hand wash items (at this point in the photo he's been "working" for nearly an hour and  has washed 4 items, I caught him making farting noises), and the one below where my youngest daughter has been "cleaning" the bathroom for an hour and when I checked on her this is what I found.  Mercy.

My hubby brought me home some newspaper clippings. I think he'd like some soup :)

Hunting caps left  on the dining room table.

I think I have a drinking problem. I had three different beverages sitting at my elbow: lemon ice water, OJ, and a Ginger Beer. I don't like soda pop, it always leaves a nasty chemical taste; I do love fizzy drinks and this natural Ginger Beer is soooo tasty.

Fern had a babysitting gig so it was just the little's, hubby and I for the evening. It was such a rarity that we made an event of it. The little's chose dinner and picked a special movie. 
Fidget and daddy made dinner. In my opinion, the best dinner is one I don't have to cook! We had loaded taters, chicken sausages and salad. 

After dinner, the two youngest, hubby and I snuggled down for a Hobbit marathon. 

Ah...Hobbit feet.

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