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Week in the Life 2014: Wednesday

I started today with the intent to remember where our days take us. I tried to notice places: the places we occupy, the roads we travel on. Most of the places we traveled today were not our normal everyday places.

The story of today involved waking in the dark and traveling the scary road to Big Town. We had the dreary task of shopping, running several errands and an orthodontist appointment in the works for our day. It was a dark and stormy day but we managed to squeeze in a trip to Dutch Bros (always a highlight), St.Vinnie's (our favorite book store), the health food store, the pun'kin patch, Dollar Tree (to fill Christmas Shoe Boxes), The Walmarts and Taco Bell. We were caught photographing signs by Daddy and had the rare treat of a brief visit with him during his work day.

When we returned home I was determined to take pictures of different places around the house, things I don't normally photograph. Case in point the ball of my own hair left on the side of the sink as we rushed out this morning. I love our weird sink with its worried "face" in the background. I am very conscious about my hair loss of late. It really freaks me out how much hair I'm loosing in this phase of my life; it's worse than after childbirth hair loss. To add insult, the regrowth of hair is all WHITE!

Making homemade toothpaste is a new development for me. Trying hard to eliminate toxins by making some of my own products. The toothpaste is less than tasty and the kids beg me to buy the old stuff.

Wednesday night kids church...I love these kiddo's.

My BFF Joy made me one of her secret recipe cupcakes. She has that special touch with baked goodies and this beauty was splendid. This was a lovely way to end a long dark day.


  1. I would love to spend "a week in the life of Katie" with you! Oh, the havoc we could (and would!) wreak on the world. *sigh* Oh, and the white hair~ embrace it. You've earned it. *wink* I stopped putting that dang color on mine a couple of years ago and was shocked at first at how much white was underneath it all... but I realized there is something to be said being comfy enough in my own skin to go natural, so I went with it. And glad I did!!! ((HUGS))

    1. Oh Paula-such sweet encouragement!
      You know we are just going to have to make a visit happen. Perhaps a quilting retreat or a pasta weekend...?


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